What Chiropractic Care and Energy Healing Have in Common

I was about 8 months pregnant with my second child, when the pain in my back, legs, and sacrum got so bad I could barely walk.

Enough was enough – I knew that I was suffering from a physical misalignment of some sort and decided to make an appointment with the local chiropractor to get it sorted out.

I sat in the office during our initial consultation and listened to his introductory, consultation talk.

With a background in neuroscience and biology, it started out feeling like a review of biological systems and skeletal systems and how they are interconnected.

He referenced the spine, the vertebrae, and the interconnecting system of nerves that stem off the spinal column from their respective spaces along the spine and throughout the vertebrae.

Each nerve along the spine is responsible for multiple activities in the body. If one nerve gets pinched through a misalignment of the vertebrae, that can affect functions throughout the body.

You may not even know if a nerve was pinched, he said, because only 10% of nerve activity is dedicated to pain receptors.

At that point in the conversation, my understanding of what he was saying shifted from just being solely biological, to being more of an energetic understanding.

Single nerves were responsible for function in multiple connecting systems, and we may not even know they’ve been affected or that there’s a problem. We might not ever feel it, but yet, our body may be suffering from non-optimal nerve and spinal alignment.

Energy medicine is the same way. We’re made up of an interconnecting system of energetic centers, called chakras, that are responsible for the function in multiple connecting systems.

A pinch, or a blockage, in one of them, can lead to problems in multiple areas of functioning that we may not even be aware of.

We could be suffering from lifelong issues with our sinuses, and have no idea that this is a result of a less than optimal functioning or our throat chakra, or similarly, a pinching of a nerve.

Chiropractic care centers on the idea that the health and optimal functioning of the physical backbone of our body, the spinal cord and nervous system, is essential for entire body wellbeing and health.

Energy medicine centers on the idea that the health and optimal function of the energetic backbone of our body, the chakra system and the aura, is essential for entire body well-being and health.

One focuses on the physical structures, one focuses on the energetic structures.

We’re physical humans living an energetic existence. In different, yet similar ways, the optimal functioning of both our physical and energetic systems is necessary.

Chiropractic medicine and energy healing have shared roots and often, shared healing philosophies, the primary difference between the two is only the system of focus – physical or energetic.

LAST UPDATED: December 16, 2015