What Do Soul Fragments Look Like?

When I first heard about Soul Fragment Retrieval as a core shamanic practice, I imagined that soul fragments would look like just that – fragments.

Bits and pieces floating around somewhere in the outer space I knew as the Spirit World.

Oh, how wrong I was.

We have a Soul and a Spirit. Sometimes these two are used interchangeably, but there is a minor distinction.

Our soul is the part of us that incarnates onto Earth for each life, it’s almost like the physical world counterpart to the Spirit. Our Spirit is the greater, overarching aspect of ourselves that remains and exists in Spirit form only as we live life on Earth. Our Spirit is also known as our Higher Self.

Soul = The part of our spirit that comes to earth and inhabits our body

Spirit = The greater being that is known as our Higher Self and stays in Spirit form

Our soul is like an aspect of our Spirit. Some spiritual teachers interpret this as meaning that only a percentage of our Spirit comes to earth for each life, and this percentage, is our soul.

Now, once our soul is here on earth, we have learning to do. Lessons to overcome and hardships to endure as we migrate on a path of growing as an individual on our soul’s path.

Sometimes, during particularly challenging, traumatic, or isolating times of our life, a part of our soul can essentially say, “this is too much – I have to protect myself.” And then that part of our soul can leave.

For example, if as a child, you were repeatedly verbally abused by your parents, the part of your soul that was responsible for your ability to feel and express love may have said, “this is too much – I have to leave and protect myself before it’s too late.”

Your soul is self-protective and parts of yourself can and will separate during painful experiences and events as a way to protect the part of your soul at risk of being lost and destroyed forever.

When a part of yourself decides to separate and leave on a soul level, what happens is that your soul sends this piece of you to a place where it feels safe and comfortable.

Because your soul has no physical body in and of itself, this is a spiritual sending off and away, and where this piece of your soul goes depends on who you were at the time the piece of your soul was “lost.”

These pieces are called soul fragments and the sending off of them is called soul loss.

Ever heard of soul loss or the practice of soul retrieval? What do those actual pieces of you look like? Find out here. 

If you imagine yourself as a being with many, many layers (you are), it helps to think of lost soul fragments as individual layers that can separate. Kind of like one of those flaky, pull apart biscuits. Each layer of the biscuit looks pretty similar to the last and they’re all able to be pulled away and still retain aspects of the whole biscuit. Each layer largely resembles the greater biscuit.

This is how I like to think about soul fragments.

Each soul fragment looks similar to the greater soul at the time that the soul fragment was separated.

Right? So, imagine you separated the layers of the biscuit before the biscuit was cooked, then each layer would look doughy and uncooked. But then, imagine that you separated the layers of the biscuit after cooking, each individual layer would be cooked and golden brown.

What a soul fragment looks like is a lot like this.

A soul fragment looks like you at the exact moment that that layer was separated from you.

If your soul fragment was lost in childhood, when you find it, it looks like you at the time of separation – an 8 year old girl, for example.

But if your soul fragment was lost as a 20 year old, when that fragment is retrieved, it will look like 20 year old you.

When a soul fragment is separated from you and “lost,” it more or less freezes in time. Like the biscuit, if the layer separates precooking, it doesn’t keep cooking with the rest of the biscuit when it’s away.

Soul loss is a self preserving mechanism (when the soul fragment is lost, not taken), which  means that it’s intended to preserve the part of you that was lost as it was, at the exact time it was lost.

No development occurs separate from the rest of your soul and body. So, when you perform a soul retrieval or you have one performed for you, when soul fragments are found, they often look exactly like you looked at the time they were lost. This includes fragments in past lives – they look how past life you looked.

On rare occasions, soul fragments can become shattered and thus, look like those bits and pieces that I once imagined. This is uncommon, however, and when the shattered pieces are gathered, they still look like you.

Soul fragments can be thought of as layers of your own soul – layers of you. They are you and in most cases, they look exactly like you.

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LAST UPDATED: December 2, 2015