What Does the Presence of a Fairy (or Fairies) Feel Like?

In nearly all human societies and cultures, there exists a written documentation describing and discussing the existence of fairies.

Even societies long isolated from other humans establishments, with no contact, for hundreds or even thousands of years, have a record of the existence of fairies.

And these records, describe in detail where they live, what they look like, and how you can interact with them.

But one thing that is not often discussed, is how you can feel the presences of fairies, without actually seeing them first.

Fairies are a type of Earth Spirit. This means that they live alongside humans, side by side with us, on the Earth Plane.

But, because they typically do not take the form of solid matter, physical bodies, we as humans can’t always see them with our physical eyes. But we can learn to see them, of course.

Fairies are Spirits – they have a Spiritual body, and that Spiritual body is comprised of energy.

Since fairies exist in the universe, they are comprised of energy. Just like you and me. So many things exist that we can’t see, but can verify the existence of.

Sound. Light outside of the visible spectrum. Emotions. Thoughts.

All non-seeable, but yet, we know these things to exist.

Fairies are no different. They can’t always be seen by the human eye, but they exist. And because the Spirit of a Fairy is comprised of energy, you can actually feel the existence of a Fairy, even if you can’t see them just yet.

You can feel emotions because they have energy.

You can feel sound waves because they have energy.

And you can feel Fairies because they have energy.

What Does the Presence of a Fairy (or Fairies) Feel Like? Find out how to tell if you are being visited by a fairy! 

But how? What is the feeling of a Fairy?

Well, narrowing down the singular feeling of an entire class of beings can be difficult, but there are overarching qualities that are embodied by all Fairies.

And the best possible example of this, lies in the feeling of the forest.

Have you ever been in the forest, or another natural place, that you felt you could give no other description, beyond magical?

You could feel the magic on your skin, and see the glittery glow with your eyes.

You could feel and see the energetic vibration of Fairies.

There are many Spirits of the forest – trees, plants, animals, gnomes, fauns, and other creatures. But the feeling of magic, that energetic feeling is generated by only one type of Spirit –


The magical feeling you have experienced when in a natural place is what fairies feel like.

And not only that, they are your Fairies. The group of Fairies that you most closely resonate with. You could feel the magic, because you already know the magic. It’s already familiar to you, because it’s ingrained in your soul. It’s your soul’s knowledge.

If you’ve ever been in a natural place with another person, where they noted on the magic, and you didn’t feel it – not to worry! That doesn’t mean you can’t feel Fairies, it just means your Fairy group exists elsewhere.

Once you know that feeling, as a human, it can never be forgotten.

To feel Fairies, go to the place that feels magical for you, and take note of the feeling on your skin and the scene with your eyes.

Remember it, and take it home with you.

And now, all you have to do is take note of when you feel that same sensation on your skin and see the glittery glow with your eyes – that’s when Fairies are with you.

It may take a few times, of going to the place of magic, noticing how you feel, then coming home and trying to feel it there. Go back and forth, take as many observations as you need.

Fairies feel like the magic you feel in a natural area. That is Fairy Energy.

The ability to feel energy is an intuitive gift. It’s called Clairsentience. When you feel fairies, you are feeling their energy.

With love,

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LAST UPDATED: December 23, 2014