What is a Shaman?

A shaman is someone who heals people and animals, individually or in groups, at the level of the Spiritual and the Energetic body. In contrast to a western medical doctor, who typically works to heal only the Physical body.

Healing more than just meets the eye

As humans, we are more than just our Physical body.

We are made of our skin, bones, teeth, hair, blood, tissue, organs, and neurotransmitters. This is our physical body. But what makes us who we are, is beyond that.

It’s our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our experiences past and present, and our perspectives. This is our Spirit. Our Spirit is known as our “Spiritual body.”

On an even deeper level, we are made of energy. Our emotions, thoughts and feelings all carry and hold an energetic resonance made of energetic particles (all things are). Our blood, tissue, skin, and bones are also made of small, tiny, resonating, vibrating energetic particles – known as atoms, molecules, protons, electrons neutrons, etc.

The combined energetic fields created by the resonance of our Spiritual body and our Physical body is known as our Energetic Body.

We are Energetic, Spiritual, and Physical Beings.

The Physical body is only a vessel – a home in which our Spiritual body temporarily lives.

Because there are 3 bodies, it can also be said that the Physical body comprises 1/3 of the human experience.

Deep healing from within all aspects of self

When we experience emotional pain, trauma, spiritual crises or unrest – we can feel this pain. We can feel this hurt. It exists, and it’s held within our Souls (our Spiritual body), and in the energetic vibration created when our thoughts change from happiness to hurt (our Energetic body).

Our emotional and spiritual hurt causes us the initial hurt we all experience. If we go long enough without healing the trauma, without addressing the hurt, without moving through the pain that resides in Spirit and in Energy, it can rise to the surface to create physical pain and symptoms – that we then notice in our Physical body.

Healing Example:

For 3 years you’ve been in a troubled relationship and you’ve been considering divorce, but haven’t done it.

Maybe because of finances, of children, or a commitment to vows, you have resisted releasing yourself from the painful relationship and you’ve moved forward anyway. Then, in the 4th year, you start to experience migraine headaches. The mounting pressure of the emotional pain building in your Spiritual, mental and emotional turmoil, has risen to the surface and become so great, that you can now feel the pressure as a physical pain.

Our Physical body speaks the words we listen to and notice. When we truly listen to the reason for the pain, this triggers deep rooted, original healing from within – which can resolve the emotional, spiritual AND the physical pain – from the ground up.

Facilitating profound healing that encompasses all aspects of your true nature.

Shamanism works to heal the underlying spiritual and energetic pain and unrest that is the root cause of most physical illness. Physical illness is a voice that speaks, so that we have the opportunity to heal all aspects of who we are. A shaman works to heal you at the level of your Spirit, your pain, your hurt, and your betrayal, also healing the energetic vibrational imprint left by those feelings and experiences.

Your Spiritual body and your Energetic body comprise two-thirds of your human experience.

When we do not pay attention to 66% of who we are, true healing does not occur.

Shamans specialize in true, complete and cohesive healing – spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and beyond. 

This is what the Shaman helps people to do.

LAST UPDATED: February 20, 2015