What is a Soul Fragment Retrieval?

It is often said, that as humans on this Earth, we are Spirit first, physical body second.

In fact, as any individual on this Earth that exists in the physical space – a person, an animal, or a plant, for example – we all carry with us more than just our physical body .

You already know this to be true – it is not the physical body that makes you, you. It’s the essence of you. It’s your soul. It’s your Spirit. Who YOU are, as an individual, is not defined by your dress size, the clarity of your skin, or the style of your hair. The reason, why you are loved by so many is because of your you-ness. Because of who you are, on a soul level.

The reason, why you love your dog or cat, is not because they are a beagle or a specialty exotic cat breed, you love them for their personality. For their spunk. For the way they express their feelings and make their demands. Do you stop loving them, as their physical body starts to lack reflection for what it once was? No, of course not. Because, underneath all that, it’s still them on the inside.

That them, that making of you, is what is called your Spirit, in the intuitive sciences.

This Spirit – is made up two other, interweaving and interconnecting bodies – the energetic body, and the spiritual body. I say they are connected, because there’s no separation. Your thoughts, your feelings, your perceptions, your viewpoints, your uniqueness, all that makes up the essence of you is your Spirit. All the lessons you have learned and are learning in this lifetime and those past and present, and stored in your Spirit. And each and everyone of these lessons, these feelings, these emotions, carry with them an energy, which comprises, your energetic body.

An energetic vibration is carried with each tiny essence of you, and all together, these tiny pieces, make up your Spirit. Experiences, thoughts, emotions, feelings, lessons, viewpoints, perspectives make up both your spiritual body and your energetic body, combining to form, your Spirit.

We, as physical beings living in a physical Earthly world, right now, have 3 primary bodies:

Our Physical body – Arms, legs, organs, eyes, ears, organs and skin.

Our Energetic body – Chakras, Aura, and energetic vibrations carried by all experiences, thoughts and feelings within our sphere of existence.

Our Spiritual body – Thoughts, feelings, emotions, life lessons, experiences, personality traits, and perspectives.

The last two bodies are the two constituents that make up a Spirit. That make up our Spirit, that make up all Spirits.

The only thing separating us, from being only Spirit, is the connection that we hold to a Physical body. At this time, Spirit Spirits are without a physical body, for whatever reason. Death, because they are acting as Spirit Guides, because they typically don’t exist with a physical body (fairies or angels, for example). For any number of reasons.

You and I, have, and will be again, without a physical body. Our Spirit transcends lifetimes. We come and we go from physical bodies lifetime to lifetime. And in between, our Spirit, still exists. We go on to exist. We, carry with us, always, the essence of what makes us, us. Overtime, growing, learning, evolving, always becoming better versions of ourselves. Our Soul grows. Our Spirit grows.

Where we stand now, we are in the process of learning lessons and progressing on what is called our Soul Journey. This means, that you and I, we have lived many previous life times, and in most occasions, have many more lifetimes to go – as our soul progresses from birth, to what is often called enlightenment.

Others know it as the journey from fear to love, and others, the journey from darkness, into pure Light.

We’re all following this Path right now.

Everyone completely in Spirit and everyone with a Physical body on Earth. All humans, animals, plants, all beings seen and unseen, lie somewhere along this continuum.

We’re all Spirits, made up of a unique set of experiences, of perspectives, of thoughts, of emotions, of traits, of feelings, of other individuals in our lives. Each one of these things, all work together to build, mold, and comprise, our Spirit. The essence of who we are, it can be said, lies in the summation of our parts – all the tiny pieces, along the way, that have went into making us, us.

Each of these pieces, each of these experiences, each of these thoughts, feelings, and emotions, each of these events, each little bit and piece along the way are the pieces that comprise our Soul.

These pieces are called soul fragments.

What is a Soul Fragment Retrieval? Soul Fragment Loss - what it is, and how you can get this piece of you back. 

Have you ever heard a derivative of the phrase, “I think a little bit of my Soul died in X, Y, Z interaction.” Or “I think so and so took a little bit of my Soul with them.”?

Phrases such as these have an actual energetic basis.

Our thoughts, experiences, feelings, emotions, and personality traits all carry with them an energy, a vibration. Each of these tiny pieces, thousands, millions of them have accumulated into you to comprise what makes up your Spirit.

When you feel as though a piece of your soul is missing or you’ve left a piece of your soul behind, energetically, this is known as a soul fragment loss. It’s a real thing. This actually happens. It’s more than just a figure of speech.

And what it means is that one of these pieces of the essence of you, one of these fragments of your Spirit, has been left behind, taken, or abandoned. In its absence, you’re left with a missing piece of your Soul. One of those pieces that makes you, you, is missing.

When does Soul Fragment Loss occur?

It can occur at any time and in any life, past or present, in which your Soul, you, experienced a traumatic event or series of events of any kind.

Any event that is or was emotionally, physically or mentally difficult, heart wrenching, or traumatic is an event in which a soul fragment could of been lost. In this life and in all past lives.

Areas in which soul fragment loss often occurs include (non-exclusively):

Sexual or physical assault

Pregnancy and child loss including miscarriage and abortion

Physical, emotional or sexual abuse

Bullying, teasing and childhood mistreatment

Romantic relationships gone awry

Death or loss of a loved one

This list just names a few possible reasons for soul fragment loss, but not all.

These soul pieces, big and small, make up who you are, and during traumatic events, parts of you, certain aspects of yourself (such as your dignity, for example, your confidence, your feelings of security in your sexuality, your emotional wellbeing, your trust towards men, anything at all) can go missing. Any perspective, thought, feeling, emotion, or lesson learned by your soul can be taken by another, can choose to go into hiding from fear or trauma, or can simply, be lost along the way.

This is what it means to lose a soul fragment. This is what it means when someone says it feels like a piece of their soul is missing. It’s because it is.

How can you get it back?

This is called Soul Fragment Retrieval. This piece of you, this piece of your soul, belongs with you and no one or nothing else. Your Soul, in its entirety, learns lessons, grows, and progresses on your journey, and without all pieces intact, well, you’re missing a piece of who you are. A piece of you, is missing.

The good news is – you can get it back!

The method through which a soul fragment is returned is highly dependent on the individual and the situation in which the soul fragment was lost.

A soul retrieval is a healing practice typically performed by a shaman. However, with a little intuitive prowess and effort, non-shamans can complete their own soul retrievals.

Here are some steps you can try: 

1. Identify a specific event in which you believe a piece of your soul was lost

 In this way, you can identify the specific piece of you that you wish to call back. If you’re calling someone out in a crowd, rather than yelling, “Hey, you!,” it’s much more effective if you knew the name of the person you were calling. First and last name, even better. The more details you know, the more specific you can get about calling your energy, your soul piece, back to you.

2. Ask your soul piece to come back.

This can take the format of a welcoming letter and a welcoming ceremony. A letter in which you formally address this piece of you, and request that it returns to you.

If you experienced an attack or were in an abusive relationship, in this letter, release control of the perpetrator and demand that he/she return this soul fragment to you, and in turn, also welcoming the soul fragment to return. If your self-confidence was harmed due to repeated teasing or bullying, you might in this letter, make a commitment to reclaim your self-confidence and ask that this piece of you now returns.

Visualize this part of yourself rejoining with you.

Then, create a welcoming ceremony specific to you and your soul piece.

3. Rest

Soul Retrievals are notorious for being incredibly exhausting and draining on the body. They can and likely will make you tired. REST. And then rest some more. Drink tons of water. And rest again.

Good Luck!

With well wishes on your journey,

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