What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is the psychic or intuitive ability of clear feeling. It’s the ability to feel that which isn’t seen.

This could be emotions of others, this could be the thoughts and intentions of others, this could be physical pain of others, and it could also be the presence of dead people.

One thread runs common throughout all of these examples, and it is that of energy.

Clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel energy.

Emotions have energy, thoughts have energy, intentions have energy, pain carries with it an energy, and you guessed it, dead people are made of energy, too.

This is your ability to feel what normally isn’t seen and put words and sensations to it.

While intangible, our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and feelings of pains do carry with them an energy. A vibration. A molecular presence, even if this is just as a nerve impulse traveling down a neuron to deliver a signal. This nerve impulse is delivering a specific type of signal to deliver a specific type of message.

A nerve impulse can be triggered by neurotransmitters, which are made of even tinier particles like protons, electrons, and atoms, that all have a property of energetic vibration.

There are differences, sure, on how that energy is produced to create a certain thought, feeling, emotion, intention of physical sensation of pain – and a clairsentient individual has the ability to feel the differences.

When taken together, whole thoughts, whole emotional responses, and entire beings in Spirit are comprised of a singular energetic vibration or field, depending.

The energy of a thought, an emotion, a physical pain, or a person in Spirit is what the clairsentient individual has the capacity to feel.

But, when the ability to feel energy of all things first arises and starts to become stronger, it most often displays with the individual “feeling too much.” Being an over-feeler, or over emotional. Being an empath.

If the ability for clairsentience goes unrecognized for long enough, it can also be given other names for overstimulation or over-feeling, like anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and ADHD, to name a few.

When you are clairsentient, you are practically accepting and sensing the energy of everyone and everything in your environment, near and far, living and dead, at all times.

You have the ability to clearly feel energy. Be it in the form of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and intentions of individuals currently living a physical existence, or emotions, thoughts, feelings, intentions, and presence of those that are NOT currently living a physical existence – those in Spirit.

If you’re sensing those in Spirit, typically, feelings of anxiety are produced because they take an existence that is more gaseous, with diffuse, higher vibrating molecules. This higher, more intense vibration can create feelings of anxiety.

However, in crowds and tense places like shopping areas, worry and anxiety from other patrons and living people can also produce feelings of anxiety in the clairsentient individual.

In children, the ability to feel energy present with the ability of clairsentience is often misdiagnosed as ADHD and other attentive disorders, and undiagnosed disorders like being “overly sensitive.”

Clairsentience can be managed and transformed into a beautiful gift, specifically, one to heal and understand others through your deeper understand of their situation and energetic state.

Discover clairsentience - from emotion to energy, what does it mean?

To begin working with clairsentience, the first step is noticing. Identifying your mood changes and keeping a log of how your mood and physical feelings change depending on time of day and circumstances.

Did you just get into a fight with your mom where she may be feeling upset about the outcome, and suddenly, you feel upset, too?

Were you in a big box store at dinnertime in line with frazzled customers when you started to feel anxious, too?

Does your child go to school for many hours in a confined, overstimulating environment with other children and he has trouble staying focused?

These are just a few examples to get started. By keeping a log, even a mental one, you will start to notice when your changes in mood and demeanor, in many cases, were brought on by something in your environment. Simply by acknowledging this “not you” state of mind, you can choose to reject it and push it away.

If you’ve already tried this and you’re ready for more advanced practice, I highly recommend starting with a  practice of grounding and clearing your energy.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 17, 2015