What is Pain Energy? . . . and How Emotional Pain Leads to Physical Pain

Within healing communities, the term pain energy seems to have taken on broad, colloquial meaning.

The truth it – we all have it, on some level or another.

But what is it?

Pain Energy – Defined

Pain energy arises from unhealed emotional trauma from the past including resentments, regrets, jealousy, anger, sadness, guilt, loneliness, heartache, and any other lingering painful emotional feeling that we carry with us long after the inflicting experience.

All emotions are made of energy and pain energy is a specific type of energy carried by emotions that cause us pain – anger, sadness, and unhappiness to name a few.

Heavy emotions are made of heavy energy; energy that is often referred to as negative energy, low energy, and foreign energy. The emotions, and the energy, tend to make us feel bad.

They cause us pain, long after the experience has ended.

Pain energy is the dense, low vibration (negative) energy carried by any painful EMOTION that we still harbor regarding a certain event or series of events.

It’s energy that sits deep inside of us, weighing us down and causing us to continue to seethe with resentment, anger, and sadness during moments of stress and when we are triggered to remember the events from which these feelings arose.

When we hang on to pain and pain energy, we are prevented from fully experiencing the opposite of pain – love and happiness.

Think about it like this.

Imagine that years ago, you had a relationship that ended poorly, either romantic or friendship. Now, every time you think of that person, rather than thinking of them fondly, you feel disgust, anger, and resentment about that person, what they did, and how it ended.

Sound familiar?

This is a sign that you still carry pain energy from this relationship and it has yet to heal.

If remembering a certain event or time in your life tends to stir up nasty feelings, take this as a sign that pain energy still exists within you pertaining to that event.

Now imagine these emotions taking the form of a misty cloud of energy – like fog.

When these painful emotions begin to initially form, they exist energetically as a loose, misty cloud inside and around your body. Think of a time when you felt like you were in an emotional fog after a traumatic event – this fog is often a low energy, painful emotion swirling around and within you.

Over time, the emotional energy of pain continues to swirl around inside of you, compounding upon itself, becoming thicker, denser, and harder to release.

Worse yet, as pain energy condenses, it can make you physically ill.

It condenses inside you and leaves less room for optimal life functions – physical and emotional.  

With emotional pain energy clogging up your energetic system, your physical body becomes less able to function optimally without the availability of freely moving energy that it needs for cell division, metabolism, and the functions of life. You become emotionally unable to feel optimal, too.

Future emotional upsets may trigger more intense, more painful responses, simply because there’s already a baseline of pain hidden deep inside.

If pain energy is left unattended and uncleared, you may find that you’ll start having digestive issues, headaches, sinus and congestion problems, stomach cramps, chest pains, back pain, or reproductive issues, to name a few. You may also find yourself unable to feel happier, joyful, and grateful.

These are just a few ways in which our emotional pain will speak to us physically.

The voice of the soul speaks softly, and if ignored, will begin to speak to you through the voice of the body – which is much louder, and harder to ignore.

As pain energy increases in a spiritual sense, it is strikingly common to see pain energy increase in the physical sense. In other words, emotional pain will make itself impossible to ignore and will become physical pain.

In order to live the happiest and healthiest possible life, as soon as you notice that you’re carrying painful emotions, either by spiritual means or by physical means – it’s best to release those emotions and their energy as soon as possible.

The best way to start is to find the source and identify the emotional event or events that were not fully healed, and allow yourself to work through the process of healing from them now.

Not sure how? Check out this post for 4 ways to start.

Last Updated: January 3, 2016