What is Shamanic Divination?

Divination is the age-old practice of receiving information and guidance about events past, present, and future from a higher source.

This source could be whatever you consider higher, as in, existing in the Light or Heaven – Deities, the Divine, those in Heaven, Angels, God, Loved Ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides, Spirits of the Earth, Ascended Masters, those originating from Universal Source, etc.

Divination is practiced in all religions and non-religions alike. Anyone with a spiritual connection, religious or not, of any kind and a voice – written or oral – is able to receive Divine information.

From Priests, to Mediums, to the Dalai Lama, to Shamans, and to even your neighborhood synagogue congregants.

The differences come depending on where the “divined” information is received.

It always arises from an individual or individuals existing in the Higher Source of Light, but from which deities, from which higher powers, and from which individuals in Spirit did this information come?

In religious followings, divined information tends to come from associated Deities, Saints, Angels, Prophets and Apostles.

Certain individuals may work more closely with specific Higher Spirits, however, and report that their writings and speech comes from an individual or individuals in particular.

Mediums and Shamans are spiritual communicators and links between the spiritual and the physical worlds.

In the case of mediums, the general purpose is to provide healing messages to individuals on Earth from their Loved Ones in Spirit, their Spirit Guides, their Angels, and their guiding Ascended Masters. These individuals are the medium’s source of guided information in the Light.

In the case of shamans, their general purpose is to provide spiritual and energetic healing to individuals as directed and guided by those in Spirit. Shamans typically work with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, and Ascended Masters as their guiding sources in the Light.

Divination is the act of asking for and receiving guidance from an individual or individuals residing in the Light, regarding a particular situation past, present, or future.

Shamanic divination, is when a Shaman asks for and receives guidance from a Light Spirit, typically a Guide, Angel, Ancestor, or Ascended Master, regarding a situation past, present, or future.

The process of divination, or gaining guidance and information from higher sources, has existed for as long as humans have. The reason for doing this varies, but for shamans, it is for healing. Explore divination and learn how it can help you in this post. 

Why would a Shaman need to receive divined information?

In all cases, it is those that are currently residing in the Light that are aware of the highest and greatest good for all parties in a situation. Without physical bodies, without egos, and without humanly fears, there are no barriers to compassionately and lovingly addressing a situation with the best intentions in mind.

Additionally, with other parties and emotions involved, individuals in Spirit have access to unique information that allows them to properly address a situation for the most healing outcome. An individual’s Spirits can communicate with other Spirits, they can observe, and they can provide information on the solution with the most ideal outcome for the individual in question.

When a Shaman asks an individual’s guiding Spirits for information on a situation past, present, or future, they are in most cases asking to receive guidance that is in the highest and greatest good with all parties considered.

As humans, we aren’t always able to think that objectively and we don’t always have access to all the necessary information to make the best decision. In these cases, those in Spirit can be consulted.

Methods to Receiving Divined Information

Divined information can be received a number of ways, directly or indirectly.

Directly, information from a Divine Source is told to, shown to, or felt by the recipient, the shaman, medium, priest, or healer, for example. The information is delivered directly through the intuitive senses of the recipient who possesses the ability to hear, see, and feel those in Spirit and spiritual information.

Indirectly, objects called Divination Tools are used through which Spirit can deliver the desired information. These include stones, pendulums, crystals, oracle cards, tarot cards, and dowsing rods, to name a few. When using objects, the recipient asks a question and then turns to the objects at hand for the answer. The objects are used by Spirit to deliver a response to the recipient.

Depending on the ability, skill, and technique of the recipient, it’s possible for information that arises both directly and indirectly to be just as detailed as the other.

Indirect tools provide physical validation to both the recipient of the information and the individual in question (the client). Their benefit is to provide real, tangible evidence of guidance from Spirit.

With a skilled and adept user, the tools are the instruments through which Divine Information flows and are just the springboard for guidance.

Shamanic divination is when a shaman, a spiritual and energetic healer, asks to receive guidance from Spirit on behalf of an individual regarding a situation past, present, or future.

This can be done with tools, or without.

With a safe, clear, trusting, and compassionate connection to Spirit, the source of the information, and a clear, confident recipient, the information that comes through is always truth and always in the highest and greatest good for all parties involved, at the time the information is delivered.

It’s important to remember that lives and relationships are ever changing, and when guidance is requested regarding future events, the information received is truth in the moment.

Things change, people change, and lives change. Humans are individuals in flux.

This is why you may hear spiritual readers, intuitives, mediums, and shamans say that the information received from Spirit is only “good” for a certain time period. It’s because your life can take an unexpected turn, whether you know it or not.

How can you tell if you need divination from a Shaman?

Shamans specialize is healing the mind, body, and spirit, both inside and out, which includes your space. They specialize in energetic relations and relationships between individuals and also in your own connection to Spirit.

If you’re feeling. . .

  • Lost

  • Physically, emotionally, or spiritually ill or unhealthy

  • Troubled in a current or past relationship, romantic or otherwise

  • Overwhelmed and frustrated with a emotional or physical medical condition

  • Unable to manage anxiety and feelings of worry

  • Unsure of your life path

  • Uneasy in  your space

Then it might be time to connect with a Shaman and get the answers you need from those on your Spiritual Support Team.

Divined means, from the Divine, which is exactly the realm in which Shamans work to connect their clients with the healing they need. Powerful, life altering, and transformative healing can only come from within, and those in Spirit, of the Divine, are the ones that know how to get you there. Shamans are the bridge from here, to there.

With love,

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LAST UPDATED: April 16, 2015