What is Shamanic Illumination?

Every individual has an energy field.

Every living thing, both within a physical body and without a physical body, has an energy field.

Inanimate objects also have measurable energy fields – refrigerators, electronics, tables, rocks, and fallen logs included.

On a core level, all things are made of energy. Anything that is in existence is made of molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons, all of which carry a unique energetic resonance.

As molecules combine and condense to create solid, gaseous, and liquid matter; energetic resonances and vibrations, of all the tiny particles combine to create an energetic field.

Even things that are not classified as matter, like sound waves, thoughts, emotions, and yes, even those in Spirit, exist as a function of having, transforming, and using energy.

A generation of a thought or an emotion constitutes a transformation of energy, even when you are considering it only at the level of neuron firings.

All the parts that comprise who we are, physical and emotional, are also comprised of energy.

And when you put it all together, we’re a big ball of moving, vibrating, and resonating energy surrounded by an energetic field.

This energetic field goes by many names. The Aura and the Luminous Body are the two biggest alternatives.

Both are spiritual based terms, and arise from the idea that the energetic body is made of energy from the universe.

And this is true – we are comprised of energy from the universe, because we are part of the universe.

Spiritually speaking, the universe is made of both a Light and Dark Side. We, as humans, for the most part, come from the Light side. The Divine. Universal Source. Heaven.

When we incarnate into this life, we are coming straight from Source, from the Light.

We are born with our spiritual and physical parts arising directly from the Light of the Universe.

Hence, our energetic parts, and our energetic field, are made initially of only Light.

This means, in a sense, that we are made of pure energy. Of only pure, loving, and compassionate intention. Only happy, high energy thoughts and emotions. Only love we contain. Because of this, our energetic field is considered luminous. Bright light.

It is our luminous body.

We begin life illuminated.

Release pain, heal illness, and overcome trauma all with the little known practice of shamanic illumination, or removing heavy, low energy illness causing thoughts, emotions, and feelings from your body. 

And if you think about, it makes sense.

Most children are only joyful, loving, happy, and compassionate, made only of light and sunshine. It isn’t until life goes on that painful emotions arise, traumatic events occur, and hurtful thoughts become implanted into our minds.

These deviations from happiness, joy, and love are the exact opposite of luminous. In fact, they aren’t luminous at all and arise from the darker end of the energetic spectrum, away from Divine, pure loving light.

When we are subjected to, experience, and feel hurtful emotions, traumatic events, and painful thoughts – our luminous body, our energy field, changes.

It becomes less luminous.

The degree of heartache, emotional and physical trauma, and difficulty we experience and face as we move through life, alters the amount to which our luminous body deviates from the place of pure light from which we started.

We start out on what is called the high energy side of the spectrum, the place of divine light and bright, illuminated happy energy. This is what it means to be high vibrational. Energy like this is usually close to a bright yellow or white in color. This is where we all start.

Then, as we navigate life and we are thrown curve balls, we hit roadblocks, and we face heartbreak and disappointment. When we experience sadness, anger, disappointment, pain, and trauma, this is what is called low energy. It’s the opposite of the high energy place where we started, and the energy is darker, heavier, and nearly black in color.

Imagine that each trauma, each pain, each hurtful comment, and each stumbling block is like black paint being splashed on your body or dark stakes being lodged in your stomach, heart, and chest.

The more experiences like this that we have, the more the black paint and black stakes can build up. In some cases, completely covering and filling our luminous body with the opposite of luminosity.

Physically, this can cause things like:




Chronic Pain

Chronic Illness

Autoimmune disorders

. . . and Cancer

If you think about it, it makes sense. Our physical body is made of energy, and so is our emotional, or spiritual, body. When our energy gets covered in and filled with darkness, even through no fault of our own, this can cause problems in every place that we have energy.

Energy is energy – whether it’s a physical pain or an emotional one, and often times, our body does not discriminate.

If our energetic body and our energy field, the luminous body, is not properly functioning, it’s not properly functioning. This can and does affect physical processes that use and require energy.

But, not to fear, this can be fixed.

All the black paint can be washed away and the stakes can be removed, restoring you to healthy functioning in body and spirit.

The process through which this can be done is called Shamanic Illumination.

Initiated by a Shaman, a Spiritual and Energetic healer, the process of illumination is the process of lifting, removing, and cleansing this dark, lower, black energy that is causing you problems, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Working with your Spiritual Support Team and with your energetic body, the shaman acts to remove, and wash away any dark, lower, and non-luminous energy.

Once the offending energy is removed, it is replaced once again, with that pure, luminous divine light with which you started this life.

Through the process, you are washed clean, pains and traumas are healed and darkness is lifted.

Illumination restores your luminous body, your energy field, to a place of pure, universal loving light energy.

When traumas, pains, and troubling experiences are lifted and removed from your energy field, you can begin to heal, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

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LAST UPDATED: April 9, 2015