What is Spiritual Intrusion Extraction?

Shamanic Spiritual Intrusion Extraction.

What. A mouthful.

A shamanic practice with an overwhelming name, but a less overwhelming explanation.

Spiritual Intrusion Extraction is the removal of foreign (not-you) energy from your energetic field (aura) and energetic centers (chakras).

Let’s break that down.

As a human being with a physical body living a physical existence, there’s more than what meets the eye.

You have more substance to you than just your bones, skin, blood, and brain. So much more.

This physical substance that makes you, you, in the intuitive sciences, this is referred to as the physical body.

You have two other bodies.

You have a spiritual body and an energetic body.

Your spiritual body is the essence of you. It’s your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, your life experiences past, present, and future, your moral compass, and your perspectives, to name a few things. The embodiment of all the pieces of your you-ness is called your Spirit, your spiritual body.

The final piece has to do with energy.

Your physical body, deep down, when you break the bones down into molecules then into atoms, then into protons, neutrons, and electrons – you’re made of energy. Tiny, vibrating energetic pieces that comprise all of your physical elements.

They bond, react, and build together to create your DNA, your blood, your hair, your skin, your eyes, and your brain. Solid and liquid matter, these are made of dense, compacted energetically moving particles.

Your physical body is made of energy.

And so is your spiritual body. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, pains, and hurts all have energy, too. Intangible, non-solid matter, that tends to travel as energy in the form of a wave. A diffuse, undulating wave that can be low or high energy.

Generally, everything high energy is happy, upbeat, and loving emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Everything low energy is sad, dark, and non-loving emotions thoughts and feelings. (Learn more about this here).

The totality of your Spirit is also made of energy.

You have 3 parts that make you, you.

Your physical body and your spiritual body are 1 and 2.

And your energetic body is the combined energy that arises from your physical and your spiritual body. This is all the energetic particles, waves, fields and centers that are created when your physical and your spiritual body combine. And they do combine. Most of the time, your spiritual body is housed in your physical body.

In the purest of pure states, in a vacuum, it’s just you.

Just your physical body, just your spiritual body, and just your energy.

But as humans, we don’t live in a vacuum.

A mouthful of a term, what is shamanic spiritual intrusion extraction?

We interact on a daily basis with other humans that have physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies. . . and they likely don’t know it.

Which means, that when someone else has a thought or emotion that’s less than loving and it’s directed at us, that energy can be sent our way and become lodged in our pure energetic field.

Or, when you’re out at the store with many stressed out shoppers, that stress in their energy field can rub off on yours when you pass by.

Or if you’ve experienced years of bullying, teasing, or insults directed at you by friends, acquaintances, family, and loved ones, those insults are energy and can become stuck in our energy field.

Imagine that someone throws a tomato at you. You’re standing in a public place, and for whatever reason, someone hurls a tomato at you. It lands on your crisp white shirt and splatters everywhere. Shocked in the moment, of course, but then you go home, wash your clothes, and take a bath, washing off all remnants of the tomato.

But, what DOESN’T happen, most of the time, is a washing off of the energy that propelled the tomato to be thrown your way. There was anger and rage behind that throw, directed at you, and if you’re still obsessing over the incident, it’s likely the energy is still stuck to you.

This is just a small example of energy that can become stuck onto your energetic being, causing lasting emotional distress.

Imagine though, if the problem goes much deeper. If you’ve been having tomatoes, or insults, thrown at you for years and you’ve gone without washing them off.

Imagine the damage this has done to your own energy field, and not only that, your own feelings of self-worth and self esteem are now permeated by the left-over put down energy from years of abuse.

Spiritual Intrusion Extraction is the removal of this type of energy from your energetic body.

It’s the removal of days, weeks, or years of damage to your energetic field caused by someone else directly, through the interactions with other people’s energy over the years, or through single, traumatic events that have caused lasting emotional, and energetic, pain.

When a Shaman, a spiritual and energetic healer, removes this other energy that has implanted itself in your energetic body, it’s called an extraction.

How can you tell if this is something that you would need?

Look for these signs:

-Constant, overwhelming stress and anxiety from no known source

-Perpetual re-living of traumatic or upsetting events

-A habit of self loathing or putting yourself down

-A history of an (or several) abusive relationship – romantic, family, or friendly

-Feelings of heaviness, lethargy, or being weighed down

Through Spiritual Intrusion Extraction, a shaman removes the offending energy or energies that are causing you distress and unrest, returning you to a state of health.

Spiritual Intrusion Extraction can be done as part of a shamanic healing or as a single service offered by certain Shamans. If this sounds like something you need, I encourage you to find a shamanic practitioner who resonates with you.

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LAST UPDATED: March 26, 2015