What is the difference between a Soul and a Spirit?

Guest Post by Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

The word Soul and Spirit are often used interchangeably to discuss our inner being, the part of ourselves that makes us, us.

In ourselves, we have two elements of the soul – we have the whole entire soul, and then we have elements or pieces of the soul, which are called to awaken, these are and this is the Spirit.

The Spirit is an awakened, enlivened, creative aspect of the greater soul, which goes out to engender, inhabit and embody that which we are living and acting out here on this Earth.

As you may already be aware, your Soul is your home base, the place where you call all your energy back to, the place, where you as a being, rests, returns to and is welcomed back to after times in which you have been called away.

Your soul, many call this your Over Soul or your Higher Self, is the self in which all of your selves exist from your lifetimes. It’s the self which knows about your past lives, what they have taught you and your current life, in which you are currently gaining a teaching. Your Higher Self, your soul is the ultimate Spiritual being that encompasses the You that makes you, you.

Ideally, in a fully functioning and beneficial relationship with your soul, you and your Spirit (the one who acts) is learning and gaining information from communion with the soul. Your soul, in turn, learns from your Spirit, who comes back home, to your soul home base, to deliver information, valuable lessons and feedback on the process of living and being.

And vice versa. Your soul, your collective being of all aspects of you in this lifetime and in others, can teach, and provide wisdom, guidance and insights to your Spirit, the active aspect of you that is present and operating in this lifetime.

Using the example of a police station, I think of the soul as central dispatch and each officer as a Spirit which goes out and lives each lifetime, rides out their shift and when they need, they come back to the station to receive guidance, insight and ‘orders’ and also, deliver vital information about life in the field, back to dispatch.

A Spirit is a part of the Soul. And they can communicate with each other to provide information and guidance back and forth.

How do you return to dispatch?

You don’t have to die to return to your soul home base. But rather, you can connect with your Soul by going inward. 

What is the difference between a Soul and a Spirit?

How to Connect with your Soul

1. Go Within

In order to connect with your home soul, your central base for your Spirit, you have to get all of the other Spirits opinions out of and released from your space. This means, you have to separate yourself from the thoughts, emotions, judgments and belief systems of others. To do this best, you separate from others and find a place of solitude within yourself. This could be during an evening bath, a week long hiatus, or an inner place of solitude in a crowd. A separation where you, temporarily, check out from everything else besides an inward focus.

To go within, you may have to leave the presence of others, and this could be leaving to another physical location or by simply leaving to another spiritual location. You can go to another room for a while asking for no interruptions, go to another place in another physical location, or simply release yourself from paying attention to anything else in the room for just a moment.

Find a place where you can have complete solitude, free from interruption.

2. Go to a Quiet Place

From here, find a place that is quiet of chatter, external noise and anything distracting. The key is this place doesn’t have to be silent, it could be in the middle of a thunderstorm, in the middle of a forest at night with 1,000 insects calling, next to a rocky river or on a windy open meadow. It has to be a place that quiets the Spirit, the mind and the soul. A place of reflection and awe for you.

Here, begin to tune in. Over time, you may hunt and seek for a soul place, a place of quietness of the soul, where you can go each and every time you seek to connect with your wholest self. Develop a ritual place such as this and both your Soul and Spirit will know that each time you visit this place, is time to connect. From here, each and every time you seek to turn inward, the amount of time it takes to delve into solitude, will be less and less. Your Spirit and your Soul will remember this place as their place and begin to look forward to each and every meeting here.

3. Ask Questions

At your place of solitude, call in your soul to you. Lay down, sit up, or lean against a tree and close your eyes. Place your hands upon your lap, on the soil next to you or laying next to you on a rock face and ask your soul to return to you. Imagine and watch as wisps of light, as shapes, and as elements of your self return back to you, to your heart center. Ask your soul to return and imagine, visualize and postulate this happening. Be open to what it feels, looks and hears like to you.

When ready, begin asking yourself questions and seeking answers. Your answers may come as a knowing, an awareness, or a feeling of the answer. You can tune into your psychic awareness here to find and gain the most creative, insightful and valuable information to assist and guide you on your life path, simply by reflecting with your soul.

Write down what you receive or record it with memory, and thank your Soul and Spirit for joining together and sharing wisdom, insight and guidance from both the greater Soul, the home station and the Spirit self, the officer currently on dispatch.

Your Spirit is an element of your Soul, such as a Ray of Sun is an element of the greater Sun. Your Soul is this Sun and your Spirit, is the ray that is acting, living and enlivening all those on earth in this life now.

With love,


LAST UPDATED: March 30, 2015