What the Tree Spirits Think of Cut Christmas Trees

When I first started practicing and working with my gift of Shamanism, one of the first groups of Spirits that I worked with were the Tree Spirits.

Early on, I was gifted a book about the art of working with Tree Spirits, and through this book, I became inspired to connect with these giants of the Earthen Realm first and foremost.

Tree Spirits provide a calming, centering stability that is so important when navigating the early waters of the spiritual pursuits, and an essential component to navigating life.

As an early energetic practitioner, beginning to sense the energetic fields of Tree Spirits is the perfect place to start, as their fields are huge, stable, and generally very easily perceived.

Tree Spirits are also very willing to work within the Human Realm to provide calm, peace, stability and an atmosphere of Divine Protection, and they are so easily able to do that, through their deep and sturdy root systems that serve as near constant sources of Divine Energy.

Tree Spirits are always connected to the Divine Energy located within the Earth. It is no surprise that this is why tree roots are often symbolically used as grounding cords in human practice – they are perhaps the strongest and sturdiest representation of connection to the Divine.

And when I first started out, every other day I walked myself to a local park and sat beneath a giant old Ash tree. I learned to ask permission to work with him, I learned to introduce myself and thank him for his support. I learned of the wisdom and guidance a Tree Spirit can provide.

This comes from centuries of observing the world, including the human experience.

Tree Spirits are spiritual individuals, just like you and I. You can talk to them. They have names. They want to work with you and make your acquaintance, if you show an interest.

It is unfortunately the rare person that takes the Tree Spirit seriously as an individual, and for that, they must be cautious.

But there is one time of year, when most of the Western Hemisphere takes Trees very seriously, to the point of worship.

That time is Christmas time.

There exists a group of the human population that believes that the cutting down of a tree is a defilement of Mother Earth and a betrayal of the tree.

And in a way, this is true, we do cut down and remove a tree from the environment.

But we must remember that the physical tree itself is simply a physical body, a vessel for the Spirit of the Tree. It is the individual Spirit of the Tree who decides if they have been betrayed.

And in fact, from the eyes of the Tree Spirits, Christmas trees play a very special role in the welcoming of the spirit of the Tree into the homes of many who would not otherwise be open to their presence.

Christmas trees are like Tree Spirit infiltrators.

They are brought into the homes of thousands, with the intention to bring a family joy, happiness, and love during not only the Christmas season, but the transitional time that comes at the end of a year.

The transition from one year to the next is a time of changing tides, a time of shifting ground, a time of shakiness.

What Do the Tree Spirits Think of Cut Christmas Trees?

With the Tree Spirit of the Christmas Tree in so many homes, they are welcome and honored, and able to provide that stability, safety, and protection that is so needed this time to year.

Often, without the family even knowing it.

It’s a time of bonding, stability, and security as a family, and the Spirit of the Christmas Tree helps to provide that – happily.

They’re the sleeper cells of the Tree Spirits. Welcomed into most homes, even non-spiritual ones, with the intention to bring joy and comfort, and that’s exactly what they do.

After all, the tree is just the physical body. The Spirit of the Tree exists regardless.

Tree Spirits are more than happy to be invited into your home, all you have to do is ask.

If you want to make sure that you have absolute permission of the Tree Spirit that you wish to invite into your home, it is suggested that you ask permission of the Tree before you cut it and remove it from the environment. While most will agree, some will not and this is their right.

Typically, you can do this by walking into a field or a Tree stand, and asking for the Tree that wishes to work with you and come into your home, to choose you.

And they will. Whichever tree you choose, please trust that it is one that has given you permission. In fact the tree that you find the most appealing, in a pure physical aspect to the sight, is the spirit that you and your family is supposed to work with.

If you were having doubts this Christmas season about inviting a live tree into your home, the Tree Spirits ask that you cast these aside and welcome them in. And if you already have a fake tree, this is of no consequence, by putting it up each year, you intentionally invite the Spirit of the Tree into your home. If you wish, you may also ask that one join you inside.

They would love to.

Happy Tree Welcoming,

P.S. If you are able to burn your cut tree for warmth at the end of the season, even better. Heat provides a core sense of security and comfort to our soul, and the fire is also a way to cleanse and release the old and welcome the new. The Tree Spirits will be right there with you in support.

LAST UPDATED: December 11, 2014