{Video} What a Shaman Looks Like

Sarah PetrunoShamana 

When I first started out as a shaman, I had an image in my head of what I thought a shaman had to look like - and it didn't look like me. 

This single barrier of not looking like what I thought a shaman had to look like was one of the biggest obstacles I had in stepping more openly and less fearfully into my path. 

Wake up call: A shaman does NOT have to look like the image you have in your head. 

There is NO shaman mold. 

In this video, I share with you the vision I had for what a shaman had to look like, the obstacles newly awakening shamans have with this image, and what a shaman can look like for you. 

Click here to watch the video on YouTube, or watch it below. 


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P.S. Here's some proof of my research background - I'm right in the  middle in the purple shirt and long blonde hair! This picture is from when the lab threw me a baby shower! 

And if you want to get super science-y, here's a link to my publications on PubMed.  

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