What Harm Can Attachment Spirits Actually Do?

Twenty years ago, having a Spirit “attached” to you was called a possession.

Thanks to the movie, Poltergeist and ones like it, that term is no longer politically correct or considered to be gentle enough to use in professional practice when working with clients compassionately. Just the word ‘possession’ elicits horrifying imagery.

In many healing circles, the modern term for possession is Spiritual Attachment.

When you were once released of a possession, it was called depossession. This can now be called a Spiritual Attachment Release or Spiritual Attachment Release Therapy.

A Spiritual Attachment happens when a non-crossed over individual in Spirit, human or not human, attaches themselves internally or externally to the energy of a living human or animal for the purposes of using their energy to exist, or worse, to intentionally manipulate their behavior for their own motivations.

An Attachment Spirit is a Spirit who does not exist in the Light and does not have a physical body, and as such, they are without access to energy gained from food and water and they also do not have access to energy from Divine Source energy (like other, Divine Spirits do).

Spirits who are cut off from both physical energy and energy from a Divine Source (Heaven, the Light, whatever you want to call it) have few choices from where to garner their energy to keep moving around and existing. They can choose to harness it from their local environment, or they can choose to directly tap into the energy of someone who is living.

As living humans, we have access to energy from both physical (food, water, sleep) and spiritual, Divine Sources. We gain energy from the food we eat, and we are also able to gain it from Source energy through our connection to the Light and to Mother Earth.

To Attachment Spirits, who are often very low on their own energetic resources, many humans appear to have a bounding and limitless supply of energy.

Not only that, we also still have a physical body through which we can still partake in physical activities – like driving, drinking alcohol, and eating, to name a few things that could motivate a ill intended Spirit to use your body or your energy for their own purposes.

When a Spirit chooses to Attach to a living human, it can happen for various reasons and to varying degrees.

From Possession to Spiritual Attachment - reasons Spirits attach, levels of attachment, how it can happen, and how it can harm. 

Why Spirits Attach to People

There are 4 big reasons why a Spirit would want to attach themselves to a living human.

1 . They’ve seen other Spirits do it and don’t know another way to get energy

I’ve seen Spirits attach to people just because they didn’t know another way. Perhaps because they are new to being Earthbound and they saw that the only way  they could get Energy was to connect themselves to the energy of another person.

2. They feel that direct harnessing of energy from people is easier than gathering from the environment

Collecting energy from the environment tends to be more of a learned skill and requires more time and effort. Similarly, foraging for nuts and berries yourself is more challenging that just plopping yourself in someone else’s strawberry field for dinner.

3. They still want to do the things they did when they were alive; particularly the case for addicts

This is especially the case for those that were addicted to substances or activities while they were alive. Only now, they’re dead and do not have a physical body through which to experience the same highs they still want to experience.

So, these Spirits now connect themselves to someone who is already an addict of their choice, or someone who they think is vulnerable enough that it would be easy to make them into an addict. In doing this, the addict Spirit still gets to feel the high through the living person, whom they have now turned into an addict.

4. To intentionally manipulate behavior for the purposes of causing harm

Bad people are still bad once they die and do not cross over. There are bad entities, too.

These spirits can and will attach themselves to a vulnerable person strictly to cause harm and in some cases, the Spirit, who is already “dark,” may want to bring the living person and those around them to “dark side,” too.

Levels of Attachment

Humans are made of millions of energetic particles that comprise the molecules that form the backbones of our entire physical body and our own spirit. Our bones, our blood, our thoughts, and our emotions are all made of energy. These energetic particles have tiny energetic fields, and together, they combine to form the human energy field, otherwise know as the aura.

We have a physical body – our blood, our bones, our skin and our brain.

We have a spiritual body – otherwise known as the human spirit, it comprises our emotions, thoughts, feelings, personality and experiences.

We have an energetic body – the energy that makes up our physical body and our spiritual body.

Generally, the spiritual body of a living human resides inside the physical body. Surrounding and encompassing those two, is the whole of the energetic body.

When a Spirit “attaches” to us, it can happen in these ways:

  • They can simply attach to our energetic field in the way that a tether would be attached to a pole.

  • Or they can step completely inside a living person. When this happens, they can replace or push aside the Spirit of the actual living person. This is the more extreme version and it is what was once known as a full blown spiritual possession.

  • A person can also have more than one attachment. Either there are individual Spirits attached in multiple places, OR there’s a single Attachment Spirit who themselves had attachments before they died, and went into the afterlife with spiritual attachments of their own. In cases like this, this person’s spiritual attachments can become so cumbersome to them, that they can weigh someone down, preventing them from crossing over entirely. When this happens, the single attachment + their attachments are all using the energy of the living person to whom they are all attached.

How it Happens

Attachments can only attach when there’s a vulnerability present to do so. When your guard is down, when your feelings are low and when you aren’t the purest, happiest version of yourself are all times when you may be unguarded. Unfortunately, times like this happen to everyone, making it possible for ANY person to be vulnerable, given the right circumstances.

It’s during these times that there may be areas of weakness in your energy, or, if you’re feeling bad enough, your own Spirit may have even checked out from your own body momentarily, floating around, waiting to return at a time when you’re feeling better.

When your guard is down is when Attachment Spirits can jump on board and tap into your energy or completely takeover.

Attachment Spirits exist anywhere where humans exist, but do tend to congregate in areas where there’s a lot of death and dying, mostly because this is where they get “stuck” when trying to find a way to get energy with which to move around  – hospitals and near death events, and near death last rite areas (cemeteries) are big ones.

How it Harms

Dealing with an Attachment Spirit is like suddenly having to support the energetic requirements of two adults on the energy supply of one adult’s body.

In a way, it’s kind of like being pregnant. Except in pregnancy, you’re supporting the energy needs of yourself and of a tiny, growing baby that you know and love.

In the case of Attachments, you’re supporting the energy of yourself, and at least one other individual who likely a grown adult AND whom you know NOTHING about.

They could be a perfectly nice person or they could also be a drug addict. Or someone that died with illness, and because they haven’t crossed, it hasn’t been healed, now transferring their ghost sickness symptoms onto you as they attach (for example, tuberculosis victims, as ghosts, still cough). They could be someone with an intense anger problem, whose anger is now rubbing off on you and displaying itself in your actions.

It’s like sharing your ice pop with a complete stranger, who could very well have a disease that will be passed to you through the sharing exchange.

When an Attachment Spirit connects themselves to you, there’s an automatic exchange of energy as the link is made. Your energy is siphoned to them and some of their energy flows back to you.

This can cause physical illness, behavioral changes and emotional distress of varying degrees, depending on the intensity of the Attachment.

Attachment Spirits can change the behavior of those they attach to drastically. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone, friendship or romantic, who was angry, irritable and mean, and  later you noticed that bad attitude rubbing off on you, it’s the same concept.

You’re sharing space, and in this case, energy, so you’re sharing attitudes.

Only here, you likely don’t even know the person or that it’s happening in the first place. The main major symptom of an Attachment Spirit is often fatigue, which is a symptom for so many other things, that most people don’t even notice or know a Spirit could be causing the drain.

With this continual demand on your energy, you may feel lethargic, tired and exhausted at all times. The Attachment Spirit depletes your energy. They can also cause physical illness, and with a lack of a energy for an immune response, you could get sicker than you would normally get on your own.

If the Attachment Spirit has chosen to attach themselves to a certain area of your body, your stomach for example, you can experience dysfunction in that area due to the energy re-rerouting and disturbance.

Attachment Spirits can cause and perpetuate addiction.

If you have recently developed an addiction or are struggling with an ongoing addiction, consider that it is not you at all. And rather, an Attachment Spirit who is manipulating your behavior for the sole purpose of living vicariously through the body of a living person.

This is real. It does happen and it happens often.

Addicts who die do not always cross over. And when they don’t, they aren’t healed of their addiction, like they would be if they went into the Light. Their earth problems still exist and they will still do anything to get more of whatever it is they were addicted to. Only now, they’re dead and they don’t have a body to partake in the activity and feel the results. So, the next viable option is to manipulate someone who is alive to their benefit. This can mean keeping someone who wishes to get clean, an addict, OR it can mean turning a new person into an addict.

Attachment Spirits are often the force behind mental illness.

This is especially the case in bipolar disorder and personality disorders. Depending on the power of the Attachment Spirit and the vulnerability of the living person, the degree to which an Attachment Spirit can change the behavior and personality of the living can vary in severity to match the severity of mental illness. Drastic and sudden behavior and personality changes is often the work of an Attachment Spirit, a dead person or entity, who has taken over the body of the living in whole or in part.

These are just a few of the problems Attachment Spirits can cause, though the list is much longer, should we wish to get into it.

Spirits who attach themselves to the living can and do cause a great amount of harm.

The good news is that Attachment Spirits do not have to be a lifelong curse if you have one in your life. They aren’t something you have to live with forever or even that long, if you don’t want to. As soon as you recognize a problem, either a long time illness, or a sudden behavioral or personality change, you have the option to a see a Shaman.

Shamans can help you get rid of Attachment Spirits.

A Shaman is someone that heals the spiritual and the energetic body, and in doing so, is able to release and remove any Spiritual Attachments who are causing problems. (Read more about what a shaman is, here).

Once you know about Spiritual Attachments and how it can happen, you can prevent it.

Having an Attachment Spirit is no one’s fault. Everyone experiences periods of vulnerability throughout their lives and it is during these times that susceptibility to dis-ease of any kind, may appear.

It is through these experiences, we learn.

And sometimes, that learning is what guides us to learning about the influence of the Spirit World, too.

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LAST UPDATED: March 13, 2015