What’s the difference between imagining and seeing?

The process of imagination is the act of seeing something in your mind. The very definition of imagination entangles all the ways in which something could manifest as an image in your mind.

So, how do you tell the difference between something that is pure imagination, and something that is a clairvoyant, intuitive image that you are seeing, right now, in the present?

Imaginations themselves are manifestations of energy. They’re your ideas, your past memories, future plans, your feelings, and yes, energetic perception you may receive from realms beyond the physical – because really, when it comes down to it, imaginations have little basis in the physical world.

Ideas, memories, future plans, feelings, and images of Spirit and from Spirit, are non-tangible, non-physical things.

And when you’re developing your ability to use your mind’s eye to see, it can become a real question as to what is happening now, and what is something you’ve conjured up yourself, from your own being and set of experiences?

How can you tell if this is a current clairvoyant event, or something from the past or future?

Is there a difference between imagining and seeing clairvoyantly? If so, what is it? 

Well, it can easily be argued that no such distinction actually exists when we work within the framework of energy.

Energy is never created or destroyed, it transforms, but it doesn’t exist and then not exist.

If a vision is manifesting in your mind’s eye, it’s because the energetic source lies in your current, present moment.

Even if the memory is from the past, it’s in your mind right now – it’s in your present moment.

If the image is a plan or a visualization for the future that is coming to you now, that energy already exists. There is no creation or destruction of new energy, and has come into your sphere of being right now.

There is no difference between imagination and seeing clairvoyantly. Because seeing clairvoyantly is seeing that which exists beyond the physical, in the Spiritual and Energetic Realms. Imaginations, which are images in your mind’s eye, arise also from that which lies beyond the physical.

Imaginations, like clairvoyant images, are not tied to any physical world concepts – this includes time and presence.

It’s important to remember that the past, present, and future is a physical world, human-imposed concept. Many observed events in the universe do not abide by human definitions of time, quantum entanglement is one of these events. As is the space-time continuum.

You may, at this time, be remembering an event that occurred in your physical life many years in the past, but it is currently impacting your life in the present moment, is it not?

If you see a Spirit, how do you know it is a Spirit that is standing before you right now, versus one that you are remembering from the past or conjuring up for the future?

It actually doesn’t matter which is which – if you are imagining them now, there’s a reason that they are coming into your frame of reference, and it’s time for you to turn inward and ask yourself why.

If it’s a past physical event, there could be an energetic cord linking you to that event or person, or unhealed energetic or spiritual trauma.

As for the future? When you imagine (or, see clairvoyantly) the future, you are tapping into the energy that already exists. The more you imagine it, the closer you bring it into your frame of reference.

The only difference between any of this, imaginations and clairvoyant images, is discerning what energy it is that is manifesting as an image, and how it relates to your current life.

The only way to do that? Is to learn to trust your intuition and your own abilities of discerning what’s you, what isn’t, and how it relates to your existence. This takes practice, releasing doubt, and belief in yourself. For help on how to do that, check out this article.

The best way to start is by asking yourself, the next time an image pops in your mind’s eye,

“What does this mean for me?”

“How does this relate to my life right now?”

“Where does this imagination originate?”

A clue may lie in the intent involved in manifesting the current thought. If it has come to you naturally, with no intent and no warning, or while involved in spiritual pursuits, odds can be pretty high that you are seeing clairvoyantly. If you intended to create a fictional story in your mind, took a walk down memory lane, or engaged in an otherwise similar activity, you have just used your imagination, although it probably has a spiritual basis.

Above all else, however, the most important thing is trusting your intuition and inner knowingness.

LAST UPDATED: December 19, 2014