What’s the purpose of receiving premonitions of terrible events? How can I make it stop?

By Sarah Petruno, Shamana

When I was a little girl, my father sat my sister and I down and told us that the ability to predict terrible things in dreams ran in the family. He said he hoped we didn’t have the curse, but that it seemed to skip generations and that he didn’t have it (he did, in another way) – so we might be doomed.

He told us stories of dreams where people died, and then they actually did die a short time later. Stories of tragedies unfolding in a dream, and then at some time in the future, the dreams came true.

It was part of his reasoning behind why he believed the family gift was a curse – because it was in some ways to him.

If you knew in the future about a tragic event, and could do nothing to stop it, but were instead forced to see the even unfold twice, as a dream and as a reality, is that not, at least in part, the very definition of a nightmare?

For those who have experienced these types of premonitions and precognitive dreams, the psychological repercussions can be troubling at best and torturous at worst.

But what’s the purpose of them? Why be given this gift that’s seemingly nothing but a curse? Why be provided with information and details on a tragedy, before it happens, if you can do nothing to stop it?

What’s the point of this? And better yet, how can you make it stop?

The point isn’t necessarily to ensure you a tortured existence, but rather, to blatantly and boldly awaken you to greater gifts – your underlying and inherent psychic, intuitive, and spiritual abilities.

Chances are that your Spirit Guides and Angels, the keepers and guardians that assist you during your life path, have tried many, many times in subtle ways, to clue you into your gifts.

Perhaps they’ve tried to place books in your path.

Maybe they’ve tried to set up integral meetings with other spiritual individuals.

They’ve given nudges, clues, and signs.

You’ve likely heard whispering, have felt a presence, and have seen things in your peripheral vision.

These are subtle nudges, provided as attempts to awaken you and to clue you in to dig a little deeper, to do a little exploration, and to figure out what’s going on beneath the surface.

But because these signs are and can be subtle, sometimes they, unfortunately, don’t work.

Sometimes your Guides can show you a million feathers, pennies, and repeating numbers sequences, and still they get missed, brushed off, or not pieced together as signs to a greater plan.

So, they have to resort to more drastic, more irrefutable, non-subtle methods.

Your Guides and Angels have to resort to methods that are so in your face, bold, and without question – that you can no longer doubt that you have any ability at all.

And one way to do this?

Is to provide you with information on upcoming events and tragedies that most of the time you could have done nothing to prevent.

It’s not to torture you. It’s to awaken you.

Let’s say you had a dream that predicted in detail, the events of 9/11. You told people at work, co-workers, friends, and family about your dream – and then days later, it happened.

There’s nothing you could have done to prevent it, and that wasn’t the point.

The point was that you received information there was otherwise no way for you to know, perhaps shared it with others, and then it happened. Boom – you’re a psychic.

Ok, but why tragedies and not happy things like engagements?

Well, unfortunately, it’s human nature most of the time to notice the unpleasant and bad, above the positive and good. Tragic events gain greater coverage, more details are shared, and there’s just more of chance that the news of the occurrence of the event you dreamed about will make it back to you.

If it’s about other people that you don’t know – then that’s even MORE evidence that it’s not “just a coincidence” or that you only knew about that because you somehow knew the person.

The more distant the event to you, the more powerful the evidence that you have an ability.

The more tragic the event, the more newsworthy, and the more likely the chance is that you will find out that your premonition came true.

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So, how do you make it stop?

There are 2 ways.

The first way: Decide that you never want to know anything psychic again and push your abilities out.

The second way: Accept that you have abilities and make a commitment to learn about and develop them.

The first way is questionable, because the path of many individuals in this life is to finally open up and accept. So, if you decide to push them out, it may just be a matter of how long you have until they come back. But of course, it is an option.

The second method is the most surefire way to get the premonitions to stop. The whole point was to get your attention and awaken you to your abilities – and once they have and you acknowledge that there’s something else going on, you can get it to stop.

But there’s one extra piece to that. You have to not only accept that you have abilities, but you also have to agree to learn about them, to explore, and to give those abilities an outlet in some other place in your life.

Right now, they’re coming in through dreams. Let’s say for example, you commit to meditating once a week on Sundays at 8:30 pm – that’s a daytime outlet to express and develop your intuitive abilities. You could also agree to find a book, a blog, or a podcast, to read or listen to once a week, that’s another outlet.

You have to say, “Ok, Ok, I get it. This is something more. I’ll commit to exploring, learning and developing in this way at this time. Now, please stop it with the tragic precognitive dreams.”

Your commitments can change and evolve, but so long as you’ve officially made the declaration that you’re willing to dive a little deeper, and you actually do, that’s generally enough.

The key steps to getting them to stop:

Accept that you have a gift

Agree to explore and develop your gift

Tell your Guides and Angels to make them stop

The purpose of tragic, dream based premonitions is primarily to awaken you. To jar you awake, into realizing that you have a special gift worth exploring.

And you do.

Note: With this, like most things, there are exceptions. Often dreams can represent past life events, metaphors to help in understanding current life hurdles, or they can be premonitions for the purpose of preparing you for events in your own life, among other things. This explanation represents one common reason for these types of dreams.

LAST UPDATED: December 16, 2014