When my Anxiety Attack was Actually a Spirit

One afternoon a few summers ago, I was shopping for ice cream in the freezer section of the local grocery store when I felt the start of an anxiety attack.

At the time, I’d suffered from anxiety for nearly 10 years and I knew exactly what it felt like when a panic attack was starting. They felt like inexplicable fear, and like I needed to get out of where I was as soon as possible, and curl up in a ball at home as soon as I could. I never really knew why they happened or when to expect them, just what they felt like.

Except this time, I was in the ice cream section of a grocery store only halfway done with our shopping trip.

My husband had just gotten a call from family about a situation going on at home.

As he spoke, I shopped and the anxiety reached extreme levels. The worst anxiety attack I’d experienced in almost 5 years, I decided.

We left – it persisted. And it kept persisting.

It became the longest lasting anxiety attack in my 10 years, starting in the afternoon and going on well into the evening – it didn’t even make sense. When I called my sister to talk about it, she had another suggestion.

My anxiety, she said, sounded a lot like what she called “Spirit Pressure.” She said that’s what it felt like when Spirits were around her and trying to connect with her.

“Don’t you think it’s odd,” she said, “that the anxiety started as soon as a family issue arose? That’s something that Spirits like to be a part of.  I think it was Tom’s grandma trying to reach you.”

In those words, it suddenly dawned on me.

What if years of anxiety was actually something else entirely? What if I never had the mental illnesses I’d been diagnosed with, at all, and rather these incidents were a series of experiences, just like this one, where a Spirit was trying to get my attention?

When my Anxiety Attack was Actually a Spirit 

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, physiologically, is a stimulation of the human’s “flight or fight” response of the nervous system. This is an increase in hormones that signal you to move quickly to escape a life threatening emergency. This system is rooted in a time when we actually needed to be signaled to escape quickly to avoid being killed or eaten.

Technically, anxiety is stimulated by an influx of energy that takes the form of subconscious and physiological cues.

Sometimes these energetic cues are really for life or death situations.

And sometimes, the energetic cues are simply from an increase in energy in general.

If you think about it, in caveman days, if you were in your jungle camp and there was an oncoming predator situation, there’d be lots of movement in the environment. Birds flying, mice scurrying and an amped up lion ready to pounce.

That’s lots of concentrated energy in one spot – triggering your flight or fight response.

Nowadays, these threats are less common, but there are still plenty of situations in which we’re exposed to excesses of “amped up energy.”

In some cases, this high energy is belonging to someone in Spirit. Who, as an individual in a Spirit-y gaseous form, naturally has a higher energy state that someone weighed down by a heavy physical body.

In other cases, this energy can come from the people all around you who are worried, afraid, nervous, or otherwise worked up . . . but not because of lions. And these people don’t have to be living ones, either.

Influx of high energy in any form can trigger an anxiety type response.

It can be lions ready to pounce, but in most cases, it isn’t.

It can be nervous and worried energy of the people around you, or it’s the high vibrational energy of someone in Spirit.

These are the two most common causes for anxiety.

If you’re anxious, it means you’re sensitive to an influx of energy.

This is also known as the intuitive gift of clairsentience.

And most of the time, all that it takes to control your anxiety is an awareness that this is what’s happening to and around you.

It’s not a mental illness. It could just be your grandma.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 9, 2015

When my Anxiety Attack was Actually a Spirit