When Ghosts Have Your Back

by Sarah Petruno

I live in Philadelphia.

It’s an old city, and in many of the neighborhoods, the homes are three story high trinity homes that are crammed together in rows upon rows of houses.

Streets are narrow, the houses are built right up against each other, and there’s not much space between you and your neighbor.

This is true for my house.

My home is about 100 years old and is connected to my neighbor’s house.

So, when we moved in here, it wasn’t a big surprise that there were a lot of spirits, particularly earthbound spirits, already present in the home.

  • It’s old. 
  • The city is old.
  • Previous residents of the home weren’t exactly spiritual mediums of any kind. 
  • We’re connected to other houses who likely aren’t running a tight ship when it comes to if spirits are allowed in or not 

I live in what I like to call a “high traffic zone.” 

A high traffic zone for spirits is usually a densely populated and/or older city or area with a lot of rich history, where earthbound spirit activity isn’t regulated my neighbors, and when there isn’t much distinction between your space and the next.

It’s an area where there’s a lot of earthbound spirit activity. (Earthbound spirit is the PC term for ghosts, it means spirits who have not crossed over, and are thus bound to the earth).

As soon as we moved in, I got to work doing what, at the time, I believed I should do.

I had a firm “no earthbound spirits” rule in my previous space and set out to create that boundary here, too.

I was able to remove the spirits who had permanently set up camp here, most of them anyway.

But, I learned pretty quickly that there wasn’t much I could do about the casual spirit passing through.

I also learned there wasn’t much I could do about a benign spirit who chose to stay and appear every now and again.

Some spirits will just pass through and be on their way.

As I came to accept this, it became a non-issue.

Spirits passed through, and I shrugged and went on my way. As did they.

In fact, sometimes they gave me helpful tips before they vanished. 

I shared my approach of “not caring about the earthbound spirits who are just passing through,” and I was met with harsh criticism.

Those who said I was opening my family and myself up to serious danger and harm from menacing, dark spirits.

That I was acting in an irresponsible way.

That I was being reckless.

There’s a belief that most earthbound spirits are dark, evil, misaligned, slightly crazy, unpredictable, and basically, zombie-like entities.

When Ghosts Have Your Back - Earthbound Spirits aren't all evil, menacing entities who need to be saved and crossed over, or avoided entirely. There are nice ones out there. Read more int this post! 

Many mediums, shamans, psychics, and intuitives will actually advise you to never talk to an earthbound.

I get this. I understand. There ARE the rare ghostly individuals out there who will be malicious and could potentially attach. Then you could have a problem. SURE. Yes, this happens.

But there’s a particular subset of intentionally helpful and nice earthbound spirits that get lost in all of that sensationalization. 

These are the ghosts that have our backs. 

Staying on earth after you die is a choice and there are many reasons for this choice.

One of the reasons a spirit chooses to stay is because their soul path includes the role of something I call a guardian spirits, also known as protector spirits and land spirits.

Some spirits choose to stay earthbound to HELP the living. 


I’m not saying that the light isn’t the best place for all spirits. I’m just stating the facts that some spirits make the conscious choice to not cross over because they want to take the role of helper, protector, and guardian.

Earthbound spirits can get your attention more easily than a crossed over spirit any day.

This is because they are closer to the earth and their energy still feels more human-like, making it easier for humans to sense them.

Earthbound spirits, if you give them the chance, can be helpful, kind, and provide you with potentially life-saving warnings and information in their role as guardians. 

I’ve had earthbound spirits come to me and warn me to shady characters to steer clear of. 

I’ve had earthbound spirits come into my car while I was driving to warn me of road conditions. 

I’ve been woken up by loud banging noises, so that I would come downstairs and check the locks, only to realize we’d left the keys in the door. 

I’ve even had a group of earthbound spirits come to my aid in to protect against a mugging about to unfold. 

And most recently, an earthbound spirit girl who has been hanging around woke me up at around 6am to feed the baby.

I normally sleep next to my phone so my husband can text me in the middle of the night when he tends to the baby, and the baby ends up needing his mommy. This particular night my phone was turned off. I had to rely on my mommy-baby-waking senses alone.

But then at around 6am, I heard a soft “Hey!” in my ear. It wasn’t scary or menacing, or all that creepy. It was just “hey” to wake me up.

In my bleary-eyed sleep, I asked what she wanted.

She told me the baby was awake and I needed to go feed him.

I tried to ignore her and roll back over to sleep, but sure enough, 2 minutes later, I heard the baby up and he did need to be fed.

Thanks, girl. (Also – sorry for dismissing you).


She wasn’t threatening my life. She was letting me know that the baby was hungry and I should get up now. 

Earthbound spirits aren’t all evil. In fact, most aren’t. 

Many stick around because their role is to help those of us who are still alive.

If you’re being visited by an earthbound spirit, they may actually want to help you with something or provide you with some pertinent information.

When we think of earthbound spirits, let’s not forget the helpers, the guardians, and the protectors.

They don’t want US to help THEM. THEY actually want to help US.

Sure, continue to boundary up and fend off, if that’s what works for you.

But if ghosts keep showing up in your life, they might have something to say. And that something might just save your life.

High-five to the earthbound helpers out there! I see you, and I appreciate you.



LAST UPDATED:  July 5, 2016