Where to Buy Dried Herbs Online and Near You

In our household, dried herbs are a big deal.

My husband is an herbalist, and as a natural-based healer, I rely on herbal remedies in healing myself, my family, and my clients.

We LOVE dried herbs. For teas, poultices, compresses, baths, and everything else under the sun.

Dried Herbs are where it’s at.

But finding them isn’t always easy.

When we first started getting into herbal healing, we were lucky and lived in Madison, WI – hippie central, and home of the best ever herbal pharmacy to ever exist.

We’ve never found anything like it ever again, and have since learned of the hardships of sourcing fresh, organic, and high quality loose herbs.

We know the secrets of where and how to find the best and freshest herbs. I’ve created this list to help you find them too.

5 places you can purchase dried, loose herbs online and locally.

Where to Buy Dried Herbs

1. MountainRoseHerbs.com or Starwest-Botanicals.com

These are two top-notch online retailers of everything herbal healing. They have every herb you can dream of in any form, and they sell them in a variety of size and weight options for your every need. They both sell organic and wild-crafted herbs and having used both retailers, I can say that they are equal in terms of quality and freshness. The only downside is the high cost of shipping. When ordering, try to put together a large order to off-set the shipping cost. Due to the high cost of shipping, I wouldn’t recommend these sites for single herb purchases. For that, consider the options below.

*If you’re in Canada, a reader (thank you!) has had success with Harmonica Arts Botanical Dispensary as an online retailer that offers high quality, organic herbs.

2. Amazon.com

You can purchase many Starwest sourced herbs on Amazon from prime sellers. The way this works is that Amazon sellers have wholesale accounts with Starwest, then they re-sell to you at retail price, and if you have Prime, many are available for free shipping. Many other purveyors of dried herbs also sell on Amazon for free or minimal shipping. I can’t vouch for quality of smaller sellers, but I’m sure there are many who are amazing. With Amazon, you have the benefit of reviewed items and sellers so you there’s some assurance for quality before you buy.

3. eBay

Family and friends have had success buying loose, dried herbs from sellers on eBay. You don’t have the benefit of reviews on eBay, so it’s kind of a “gamble and take their word for it” deal until you find a seller you can trust that delivers what you want. The benefit here is that the herbs on eBay can be much cheaper than elsewhere, as sellers tend to use minimal packaging or advertising and pass those savings onto you.

4. Locally at an Herbal Store

At an herbalist’s office, a metaphysical store that sells herbs, an acupuncturist, an herbal pharmacy, or any other local retailer who specializes in selling herbs for healing purposes. You probably have to hunt around on Google or Yelp in your area in order to find a place. If you’re in Madison, WI, Community Pharmacy is top notch and if you’re in Philadelphia, PA, Herbiary in Reading Market is your place.

5. Locally at a Health Food Store

Whole Foods, local co-ops, and health food stores will often sell loose herbs in their bulk section. Usually, the supplier is Frontier and sometimes Starwest. The herb selections in these locations are often highly limited to only the most common herbs, and if herbal health isn’t popular in your area, the herbs can sit around for a long time and get stale because people aren’t buying them. How can you tell if herbs are stale? Take a peek with your eyes and take a whiff with your nose! If colors are dull and if the dried herbs are not fragrant, they’re likely old.

Whenever possible, I always recommend organic dried herbs. This is for healing folks, don’t mess around with adding unknown toxins and pesticides! Organic always. Wild-crafted is also great, because that generally means someone harvest from a plant found naturally on their land and thus, it isn’t sprayed or cultivated, and the plant is grown in their natural environment.

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LAST UPDATED: February 4, 2016

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