Meditation for Kids: Keeping Out Monsters, Ghosts, & Spirits at Bedtime

My daughter sees Spirits.

She’s also almost never been able to sleep through the night.

From age 4 months until 2.5 years old, the age at which I’m writing this post, she’s woken up 1-3 times a night. Every Night. For 2 years.

As she’s gotten older, we’ve tried many techniques to help her sleep.

But her problem isn’t necessarily growth or development – it’s Spirits.

She sees them. They wake her up at night. They come to her dreams.

I can even hear them through the baby monitor.

As a spiritual family, we’ve had many tricks up our sleeves to help her on her path to learning to manage her gifts.

We’ve taught her how to set boundaries and tell unwanted Spirits to leave.

We’ve used physical protection methods, like crystals, to keep them out of her room.

We’ve taught her, and sing to her nightly, a Spiritual Protection Song.

We remind her of her Spirit Guides and Angels whom she can call upon for help.

And while these things help in the day to day, nothing seemed to help her overnight to keep her asleep. She was still waking up nightly with Spirits bothering her.

That is until we tried one more thing.

In a last ditch effort, on a night when she was particularly scared of the Spirits she could see, I came up with a meditation on the spot.

Does your child struggle going to sleep for fear of the monsters, boogeymen, or ghosts in their room? Use this quick and simple meditation to put that to rest tonight! 

The White Curtain Meditation

I asked her to close her eyes.

I closed mine, and I went on to ask her to imagine a bright white curtain, thick like a blanket, that started at her ceiling, and went all the way to the floor. I asked her to imagine the blanket covering all 4 walls of her room, and so thick and so bright white, that she could see nothing beyond it and nothing could come past the blanket. I told her to imagine the curtain was so bright, bright like the sun and covering all the walls from floor to ceiling.

While I described this scene to her, I imagined it myself.

That’s it.

As soon as I was done, she opened her eyes and collapsed into my arms, declaring that she was “feeling more better now.”

That night, for the first time in 2 years, she slept through the night.

Each night after that night, we’ve taken 2 minutes before bed to do the White Curtain Meditation, and each night, she has slept through the night.

We’re talking a week of sleeping through the night when she hadn’t done more than a nightly fluke in TWO YEARS. All we changed was adding the White Curtain Meditation.

The White Curtain Meditation works to keep Spirits OUT of the bedroom during the night and to prevent your child from being able to see them throughout the night and in their dreams. It also creates a feeling of protection.

There it is. Our magic secret to toddler sleep.

If you have a toddler or even an older child, who struggles with bedtime, sleep, and nighttime wake-ups – try this meditation. It takes 2 minutes and who knows, you might get a full night’s sleep for the first time in two years.

And if you’re searching for even more tips to help your psychic child, I invite you to take my 90 minute video class on Parenting a Psychic Child, available here.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: May 6, 2015