Who are the Guardian Spirits?

Guest Post by Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

There are many of those in Spirit who support, guide and care for us on the Earth.

There are friends, family members and at least one or two sacred people in our lives who believe in our work, no matter what it is, no matter if you have yet to meet them.

Just as we have those on this Earth who meld and mold us on our path, we also have those in the Spiritual Realm, in Spirit body, who assist us to be the people that we are meant to be, in our fullest form, in all of our glory.

The Olympic flame, the light that glows the brightest, when all of the countries come together for a collective display of creative, artistic and athletic process and fire, is guarded. There is a person or series of persons who are responsible for holding watch to this torch, to this flame and doing nothing else. These persons are the keepers of the Light, the ones who make sure, that while all collective bodies and beings together for a process of creation, such as in the Olympic games, there is a torch, there is a fire, there is a source of fuel.

Even if this fuel, is fuel for the soul, it is fuel. It is warmth and it is Light.

Think of yourself now, as an Olympic team. One collective being, composed of many individual aspects, fragments and parts. Emotions, thoughts, experiences, processes, ideas and gifts that come together and make you, you. This team, destined for greatness, works best when together and with focus. Thus, there are individuals, boundaries and rules that assure this process can take place.

And you have boundaries, rules and people, including yourself, who help you keep this focus, who guide you, to stay on path, to assure that you, complete the task that is in the process of being touched by your inner Light.

But, there are those who seek to have this light.

And, usually, it is those in Spirit, in physical body and in spiritual body, who are without.

As anyone knows, when they hold a flame, a gift, a treasure, a beauty, an offering to the world, there are those who wish to take it. They could be your own inner anti-thoughts, they could be others who wish to throw poison in your river, and it could be simply those, hungry for your love, but unwilling to offer anything back to you in return for such a gift of value.

This could be Spirits, it could be friends, family, those deceased or those from the shadow or the Under World. It does not matter so much who or what wishes to sneak an opportunity to for your flame, so much as the fact that there are those in Spirit who are willing to guard and protect you from these Light snatchers.

These are Guardian Spirits

Who are Guardian Spirits and what purpose to they serve?

Guardian Spirits act as bodyguards, watchers, policemen and keepers for your sacred soul space, the space of your Spirit, and the space in which you rest. Unlike Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, those who have been tasked with the job of watching and protecting your flame, are not there to speak, or to guide, they are simply there, to keep watch, to keep your space. Often, Guardian Spirits are ancestors of yours, from very long ago. Sometimes, they are friends and acquaintances from past lives.

Think of the Guardian Spirits as the holders of your sacred space. The keepers of your peace. The Guardians of your Light.

They can be called upon as protectors if you fear sleeping alone at night or if you are working on a creative project in which you need complete focus. They can be called upon if you are going through a tumultuous life transition and you wish to clear your space of chaos and keep an inner circle of still air around you.

Generally, the Guardian Spirits are appointed by you or by your Protector Spirit Guide, if you or your Guide feels that you need more care and concern for your solitude.

What do they look like?

Guardian Spirits are often mistaken for shadow people or shadowy Spirits of the Underworld, though they are not. They appear as dense beings, often darker than the surrounding space, such as a shadow. To hold up the Light, they must be heavier than it, thus, their Spiritual bodies are denser. If there are Guardian Spirits in a room with you, they most frequently appear in a bedroom at night and feel masculine (strong) in nature, the room may feel heavy and thick, for this same reason.

Guardian Spirits are Protectors of your Light

And as such, you can call on them in times of need. In times when you feel as though everything and everyone around you is preventing you from peacetime, reflection or sleep.

As always, when it comes to having the support of those in Spirit, all you have to do is ask for it, accept it, and welcome it into your space, in whichever way it may come.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: March 26, 2015