Why Do Spirits Love Basements?

It’s no secret that basements have a reputation for being mega-creepy.

Unless you have a completely finished, well-lit basement, chances are, you’ve felt uneasy from time to time when you’ve been down there. Or you’ve been in a creepy basement. Nearly everyone has had an experience involving a basement, an unexplained feeling of fear, nervousness, or uneasiness, and somehow, a relation to ghosts or being haunted.

No denying this fact – even in popular culture, basements are most commonly the setting for creepy and scary experiences.

In fact, when I was teaching Experimental Psychology at a large, well known University, one of my students even proposed an experiment, involving, you guessed it, the creepy basement of a restaurant where she worked. Her plan of a potential experiment was to stage some kind of ghost scene as a field study. Scaring people on purpose is not considered ethical research, and an experiment like this would be hard to control, but her idea surrounded comparing relative perceived fear in a dimly lit basement to relative perceived fear in a well lit dining room floor.

Throughout the course of my lifetime, nearly all houses I’ve lived in, including my current dwelling, has had a less than savory feeling basement from time to time.

And that feeling of unease?

More than likely, you’re sensing the energy of Spirit. It’s the energy of Earthbound Spirits, most often, that make basements feel creepy. (Read more about that, here.)

The question is – WHY is this?

Why do Spirits, Ghosts, etc., seem to hang out in basements? Why is this a place for the non-living? What’s going on here?

Why Do Spirits LOVE Basements? What is it, about basements, that seems to attract those in Spirit? Find out here. 

What is it, about basements, that is so appealing for a Spirit?

Basements, by the very definition, are below the Earth. Below ground, actually dug into the soil.

Energetically and Spiritually, the top layer of the Earth, the Soil, the base sediment, is considered a neutral ground. A transitional area between realms. Between all realms, really. It’s an area of mixing. An intertidal zone, if you will.  It’s a veil that sits on the edge of worlds.

All beings – living, dead, mythical, not-mythical, imaginary, not-imaginary, can exist in this space. Anything that has any kind of Spirit can go here.

And as you know, nearly all things have a Spirit, a soul. You, Me, Animals, Crossed Over Spirits, Earthbound Spirits, Angels, Guides, Fairies, Gnomes, Pan from the Labyrinth, and even, darker things, on the opposite end of the spectrum, who I’m not going to address on this blog – even by name. Not going there.

If you are reading this blog, more likely than not, the Spirit-y beings that exist in your basement are GOOD Spirits. Light Spirits. Friendly ones.  If you intend to lead a Light filled life, great! Once you set those intentions for your house and those that come within your space (read:boundaries), those that enter your space are also Light.

Here’s the reason for this – the reason for Light Spirits only in your basement.

You basement, is like a frat party. It’s a mixing zone. A neutral area. Anyone, and anything, can come and go, if you aren’t keeping an eye on it. Things can get out of hand. Pretty soon, your frat party even has non-human guests – like animals (Am I right? We’ve all at least heard of a party like this where somehow a rooster is in attendance).

If no one is checking the guest list at the door – who knows who will show up at that party.

If your party is situated with an all access pass, as are many basements, anyone can come and go. It’s a boundary-less area. Because it’s unlocked, the doors, are open, and it’s on a busy road (Every realm can access it!). So to prevent your house, and specifically your basement, from being an all-access pass, you really need to post some rules and perhaps even have a guy at the door checking in your guests.

No one really likes the idea of a guest list at first, everyone just wants a party where everyone feels welcome, and well, most times, this open door policy can be taken advantage of by the less than savory individuals wandering the streets.

Why Do Spirits LOVE Basements? What is it, about basements, that seems to attract those in Spirit? Find out here. 

Basements, by their very underground nature, exist in a neutral ground space of the universe. I can be there, you can be there, deceased people can be there, and Guides and Angels can be there, too. Any Spirit can be there.

In order to keep your basement frat party a pleasant experience for everyone, you have to set some ground rules and decide who gets to enter and who does. You can do this by setting boundaries. Learn how, here.

Even if you don’t set boundaries, know that by living a path in which you are choosing Light, you are setting the precedent – there’s not going to be drinking at this frat party. We’re only going to be playing board games and braiding hair. No wild parties, just wholesome fun. You get the point. So even if a lower Spirit should walk past that door and simply see wholesome fun, they’ll likely keep walking – and find somewhere that their rowdy energy is accepted. Which is, not at your house.

You have control, it’s a neutral area, just like the forest is a neutral area. If you had a cabin in the woods, sure, people COULD enter if it was unlocked and abandoned, but you live there and you can decide who, if anyone, can enter and share your space.

Your living area, your rules. Spirits can go anywhere, you have a physical body and are limited by Time and Space constraints. Priority goes to you.

Learn how to set boundaries, here.

Happy boundary setting,

LAST UPDATED: June 20, 2014

Why Do Spirits LOVE Basements? What is it, about basements, that seems to attract those in Spirit? Find out here.