Why I gave in to network marketing, as a business decision.

Why I Finally Caved to Network Marketing

Ah yes, network marketing, the evil of evils among so many.

I used to be the camp of thinking that network marketing wasn’t a “real job” and wasn’t “real work,” and that the people doing it were scamming others on a product that wasn’t even their own. How lazy, I thought.

Sometimes, I bought the products from friends, like Jamberry Nails or Younique’s 3D lashes, but you can be damn sure I was never going to hold a party, and god forbid, sell it myself.

Nope, not I.

I was too noble. I was too committed to my spiritual path. I was too committed to working hard and toiling away at building my own name for myself.  

In short, I believed that the true, noblest, best way to financial wealth was being self-made, working myself to the bone, and building a name for myself with my own blood, sweat, and tears.

At first, it was in academia and building a research-based name for myself. Then, when I quit academia, I transferred those beliefs right on over to building my spiritual business.

So, I scoffed and looked down my nose at people who sold network marketing as not being “clever enough” to go it alone, or not being “resourceful enough” to have their own ideas. (what a bitch, right?)

Meanwhile, I was busy being more spiritually evolved and nobler than they were. . . and I was having a really hard time making ends meet.

For most of my life, actually, I had lived paycheck to paycheck.

And sometimes not even that. I’ve (we’ve) done many stints on food stamps and unemployment insurance. I’ve received government aid in the form of subsidized (free) healthcare (only available to the poor, in the US). I’ve even received free firewood from a church to heat my home in the winter. I was, however, always too proud to brave going to a food bank, even when we actually needed it.

This happened while I was working a regular job, while I was in graduate school, and after I left graduate school to start my shamanism business and blog.

In fact, the first 2 years of my shamanism business were non-profitable. At the end of the year, we were in the red by thousands.

Year 3 is when we became profitable. And Year 4 is when I finally started to stop worrying so much about how we were going to pay the rent.

I want to be 100% transparent with you guys.

Running a spiritual business, and starting one, has not been the path to instant riches for me.

It’s been a lot of blood, sweat, tears, 80 hour work weeks, and one second away from quitting forever and going back to academia. (Though, I’m too far in to go back to science now).

Then, in the fall of 2015, around the 1 year anniversary of when we got off our feet from being homeless (yep, that happened along the way), I got the divine inspiration to write what would be the first rendition of my From Broke to Baller Healing Program (FBtB).

At the time, it was an eCourse, and it was the healing plan that I’d been guided to do that led me from being homeless and my husband working at a grocery store to make ends meet, to my husband quitting that job and our family being supported by my single income, in just about 9 months. Homeless to business thriving in 9 months – that was the premise for FBtB.

When I got to the part in creating FBtB where Spirit gave guidance on what types of things you could do to create, what they call, additional streams of abundance, they had me suggest network marketing.

I wrote it into the program, but I rejected it for myself. 

Remember? I was busy being noble and creating a business from my tears and hard work.

I continued to reject the notion of network marketing for about 18 more months. 

My Spirit Guides could have been putting on a song and dance performance, the broadway play of demonstrations about network marketing and why I needed to do it, and I would have been (and was) completely blind to the whole thing.

Then essential oils started to come into my awareness more and more, particularly the network marketing kind, I started to pay attention.

As a shaman and a business woman, I started to wonder two things: 

  1. Do these things actually work as amazingly as they are claimed to do?
  2. Is there a way that I could talk about them on my blog and add them as an additional stream of abundance?

At the time, I was still banishing network marketing and I was looking into companies that had affiliate programs – where you earn money when people click through your link and purchase single oils.

I contacted one company about being an affiliate, and they took like 2 months to get back to me.

In the time I was waiting for them to get back to me, a series of divine events occurred (that I can’t share here because they aren’t FDA compliant), and I was needing essential oils more urgently to help support our family’s bodily systems.

I asked for help on Instagram Stories. And initially, it was crickets. (Probably because my wording was very adamant in “I need this but don’t you DARE make me become a network marketer, I just want the discount). I wasn’t exactly kind or open minded about it.

Luckily, a then The Shaman Life subscriber, and now close friend, reached out very timidly and helped me get the essential oils and products I needed.

And, I used them and they worked, but I mostly did so in secrecy for the first 2 months while I worked through my egoic issues with them. I was ashamed, and I knew that the general vibe in the spiritual and herbal community was very, extremely anti-network marketing, and I was afraid of what people would think of me.

Then, I started creeping on the Young Living business education groups I’m now a part of. I was about a month into essential oils and had inquired about the business side (but, I was very firm that I wasn’t certain on it, I just wanted to gather more info) when a post in one of the educations groups popped up. It was a monthly post where everyone shared how much they had earned in commissions that month.

There were women in the group who had been doing the business side of Young Living Essential Oils for 1-2 years and some of them were making $18,000 – $30,000 a month, and more. IN. EACH. MONTH. $30,000 a MONTH.

That’s when it sunk in.

This level of earning was a possibility for me now.

Why TF was I ignoring my Spirit Guides all this time? What was I doing turning a blind eye to such a substantial potential stream of abundance? 

I immediately did more research on all the bad things that people say about Young Living and decided for myself that I trusted the company and the oils they produce, regardless of all the rumors, falsehoods, and hearsay floating around the internet.

THEN, then. I decided to not give a crap about what people would think if I started incorporating essential oils into my business.

It was kind of genius of Spirit because Young Living already has a ton of essential oil blends and single oils that are intended for spiritual purposes and spiritual healing. Many of the oils could be used to supplement energetic and spiritual healing. White Angelica, for example, is a blend designed to protect from negative energy. Trauma Life is a blend designed to help emotionally and energetically heal from past traumas.

As I slowly started to get things set up and talk about oils more, sure, the negativity came in and it still does. But, one thing I want for myself and my family is financial freedom, and network marketing is a way to get there that tends to be more rapid that building your own business and breaking down the barriers of shamanism and spiritual healing that have stood for tens, if not hundreds of years.

Shamanism is great and all, and my hard work in building this business has paid off, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

When I saw that it was possible to be making $30,000 a month in two years, I realized that doors could open for me in the arena of Young Living that had previously been closed for me with shamanism alone.

I realized that I’d been blocking myself from it because of my own perceptions surrounding the “right” and “honorable” ways to earn money.

That’s why I caved to network marketing.

The oils worked and did what I wanted them to do. And as a person who desires to be financially secure and to take regular vacations, the income opportunity was just too great to pass up.

So, I’ll still be teaching shamanism, but I’ll be using essential oils as a compliment. You don’t have to be a part of it unless you want to be. There’s never any requirement to sell oils if you just want to get the oils for a discount like I did.

But the opportunity is there, and I wish I could sit down with every struggling or just starting spiritual business owner, or really anyone wanting financial freedom, shake their shoulders and tell them not to spend the another second being too noble for it like I was. 

I’m serious.

Yes, people may think bad thoughts about you. But, that is the result of their own barriers surrounding “acceptable” ways to earn and make money, not yours.

Remember? I used to think that the only noble path to earning was to build a career from my own creativity, genius, intelligence, and personal will. It was hard.

I cried, a lot. I wanted to quit, a lot.

It is a heavy burden to carry when you force yourself to build a business on just your shoulders alone, from just the ideas you receive.

For me, adding essential oils as an income stream has added a lightness to my days. It isn’t just me anymore. I don’t have to come up with the products or the ideas. It has added a level of fun that was missing from my work life.

I’m still me. I still do shamanism.

But, I’m happier and feel more certain that financial security and freedom is an option for me in the near future.

That’s why I caved to network marketing.

I’ve created a new website for Young Living Essential Oils, where I explain how it works, where you can sign up for yourself and join my team, and where you can sign up for education events that we’re hosting. You can find it here.


With love,