Why the Western World Needs More Shamans (In Defense of Earthbound Spirits)

During the pregnancy of my second child, one of my prenatal caregivers doubled as a West African Priestess in the Ifa religion.

While we swapped Spiritual stories during one of my appointments, she told me that Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits were a problem of the western world only. Possessions, attachments, stuck spirits, and ghosts were not a problem in Africa, she said.

This wasn’t my first time hearing that Earthbound Spirits were a western world epidemic.

Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the separation of most of the western world from spiritual practices, specifically those that involve preparing the old and dying for transitioning to the other side.

Most other cultures in the world have in-depth practices in which the families of a passing loved one are responsible for easing the transition of their loved the other side. These include ceremonies, rituals, altars, and prayer for smooth transitions that nearly ensure that once their loved one dies, they transition without issue to the other side.

These rituals are all but nonexistent in the west. There is no cultural standard for preparing the dying to transition to the other side. Medically, we know how to provide comfort and a peaceful surrounding to ease the dying process, but when it comes to ensuring that our loved ones cross over – there’s less of a standard operating procedure.

And here, I’m just talking about preparations made for our loved ones that we know are going to die.

What happens in the case where death is unexpected or sudden? There’s even less of an emphasis on comfort and transitioning of the recently deceased, if it’s acknowledged at all.

We’re largely not prepared when we die, and there’s no one to do the preparations for us.

There’s widespread separation from religion and spirituality in the western world. There’s incredible fear of death and dying and what happens when that occurs, there’s fear of judgment on the other side, and there’s sheer lack of knowledge or belief in the light and how to go towards it.

The west has largely separated from spirituality in such a way that we’ve created a fear of death and a mass lack of preparation for dying – spiritually speaking.

This creates a huge problem for the recently deceased in the western world.


For all of these reasons and more, the western world has created an epidemic of Earthbound Spirits.

Is there a shortage of shamans? In the western world, many would argue yes. Find out one reason why more are needed. 

More possessions, more hauntings, more stuck spirits, more attachments, and more spiritual confusion.

As the western world starts to come around to spirituality and begins to open up and realize the importance of the transitioning process and awareness and education about it, the tide is slowly changing.

But, in the meantime, there are still scores and scores of non-crossed over Spirits who got lost in the cracks.

Due to fear, lack of awareness or knowledge, lack of belief, worry, and lack of preparation, these individuals did not transition to the other side when they died, and now, they’re what’s known as an Earthbound Spirit.

They’re stuck in limbo between their physical lives and moving on to the other side. In a sense, they’ve become trapped.

Once the crossing over window closes, which tends to occur between 7-14 days after physical death, the individual spirit needs help in order to cross. If they’ve waited that long, there are fears and concerns that need to be addressed. They have questions they need to have answered.

They need help from someone they can trust. Typically, this is someone who is still alive and “in touch.”

The process of helping a Spirit to cross to the other side is given the name Psychopomp, which is derived from greek, meaning “conductor of souls.” This is the name given to the person who guides, or conducts, souls to the other side.

This practice has existed for at least as long as ancient greek times. Notably, in greek mythology, ferrying the recently deceased between the land of the living and the land of the dead was the job of Charon, to whom relatives of the deceased paid for this service by placing coins in the mouths of their loved ones.

Nowadays, the practice of assisting stuck souls transition to the other side is the job of the shaman.

This is the individual who has experience moving between the physical and spiritual worlds, and back again, a skill required for shamanic journeying.

With this ability, a shaman is able to assist individuals in spirit transition from one place to another. In this case, shamans can assist earthbound spirits to transition from being tied to the physical world, to crossing over into the world of the Light – the other side – otherwise known as Heaven.

Put simply, there aren’t enough shamans in practice in the western world to undertake the task of transitioning the scores and scores of earthbound spirits to the other side.

There aren’t enough people to do a job that desperately needs doing. There are millions of spirits that need help to cross over.

These are people. They’re someone’s loved ones who are trapped, lonely, scared, worried, and fearful. And they need our help.

They need healing.

They need shamans.

Still questioning if shamanism is a legitimate profession or if anyone could even be helped by your gifts?

I can assure you, you can help and heal the souls of thousands of individuals as soon as you developed your gifts if you wanted. There’s no shortage of {deceased} clients.

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LAST UPDATED: November 6, 2015