Why We All Need a Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss, Recovery, and Integration is one of the most widely practiced shamanic techniques and it's also the least well understood. Learn why soul loss matters for you and how you can learn to do it yourself in this post. 

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Soul Loss, Recovery, and Integration is one of the most widely practiced shamanic techniques.

It's also the least well understood and the most difficult to grasp.

The idea is that we all have a Soul that incarnates onto Earth to live each life - but that soul is not one, solid, immovable and indestructible body. It's quite the opposite.

We have different aspects of ourselves - different pieces of our personality, different life experiences, and different inherent values and morals that can be touched, hurt, and harmed throughout the various passages of our lives.

When we experience a painful, traumatic, or otherwise upsetting life event (or series of events), pieces of our soul and aspects of ourselves can leave us and separate from the greater part of our soul.

This is a protective mechanism that prevents us from feeling the full brunt of the pain and the hurt of a traumatic event. Psychologists call this disassociation, shamans call this soul loss. The idea is the same.

Our soul can become fragmented.

In fact, it’s next to impossible to move through life having never lost any soul fragments. No one lives a pain and trauma free life and for this reason, no one lives a life having never experienced losing a piece of their soul.

We can all benefit from retrieving these lost pieces and becoming whole again.

In shamanism, you can get these soul fragments back and regain aspects of yourself that have long since been lost.

Your self-worth, your creativity, your ability to love and accept yourself, your ability to love and accept others (men, women, superiors, etc.), your fearlessness, your strength, and your courage are all aspects of yourself that can leave - to name a few.

Typically, the practice of recovering lost soul pieces is called Soul Retrieval and Integration, where a shaman journeys to retrieve the soul pieces from the point in time and space where they were lost and then they reintegrate these pieces back into your greater soul.

But, after years of training and hundreds of soul retrievals, I've boiled down the process into a healing journey that you can take yourself. Find it here

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LAST UPDATED: September 4, 2015

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