Why Your Angels Aren’t Healing You

One morning, in the hours before that day’s sessions, I was going about my regular routine to get ready for the day – with a group of Angels hanging around.

They were there for a session later that day but showed up early, as Spirit often does. When they do this, it gives us time to prepare for the session and also for them to tell me what’s on their mind – a message that they’ve wanted to get out. Not for a client, but to the general public.

This morning, one of the Angels said something that struck me. She said,

“The biggest misconception that exists is that Angels get to bypass the ethical responsibility of all healers. That is, the idea that Angels don’t have to receive personal permission before healing someone.”

Angels, and all Spirits that exist in the Divine Light, have the ability to heal us.

But, they can’t do so automatically without being asked by the person in need of healing.

A doctor can’t walk down the street and administer medicine to random people passing on the street, without first receiving permission from them.

A shaman, acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, or herbalist also cannot administer healing without first receiving permission from the individual in need of healing.

In their role as healers, Angels must also receive explicit permission to heal the individual in need.

Angels need to receive explicit permission to provide healing to a certain wound.

They do not receive blanket permission, nor does any other healer. Each time new healing is desired, new permission must be given to your desired healer.

Even if it’s you. Even if they are your Angels.

Of course there are extreme examples, like in natural disasters and tragedies, where the Spirit of the individual is screaming to be healed. But in most cases, you have to specifically indicate that you’d like a wound bandaged before anyone can lay a hand on you. In western medicine, you give this permission by signing forms and showing up to the doctor’s office with the intent to have your wound healed.

In spiritual medicine, you can give this permission by specifically asking, out loud or in your mind, for a wound – physical or emotional – to be healed.

However, in spiritual terms, there is an additional piece to the puzzle.

This additional piece is called the soul contract.

Where are your angels when you need them? They likely haven't abandoned you, and instead, are on standby waiting to support you. 

The Soul Contract

Before you are born, you exist in Spirit. This is the part of you that transcends Earth when you die, and this is the part of you that is eternal.

In between lives, you, as a Spirit, are given a chance to review your previous life and assess all the lessons that have been learned. You are also given the chance to chart the path for the next life, including all the lessons that you would like to learn to grow your Soul.

This path includes joys and hardships. It includes happiness and sadness. It includes all aspects of the human experience.

Sometimes, yes, it will include experiencing an illness.

The path you chart is called your Soul Contract. Before you are born, your entire Spiritual Team on the Other Side, including Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones, must agree to help you learn those lessons and stick to your contract.

That sometimes means not taking away an illness that your soul decided it would need in order to grow. Even if you ask. If it’s part of your Soul Contract, it’s the responsibility of your entire Spiritual Team to help you stick to it.

There are ways you can overcome difficulties and hardships on your Soul’s Contract and heal from illness.

These involve going within, exploring your past, and digging up your past hurt.

Often, illnesses arise in our lives to give us pause and give us time to look within and do some soul searching.

They are hurdles that are meant to grow us as a soul, and sometimes, it’s you that needs to overcome that hurdle – and no one else.

If Angels, or any other healer, removed an illness without allowing you the soul growth opportunity that lies within, they would be doing you a great disservice.

Even if you have given permission to be healed and have requested healing from your Angels, in some cases, you experience illness and pain because it has been woven into your Soul Contract as a pivotal moment of growth.

How can you heal, when your Angels aren’t?

Release the need to control the situation and give way to spiritual healers – turn your care over to Angelic hands as you would a trusted doctor.

Search within, dig deep, and release yourself from past traumas and pains.

Only you can heal yourself.

With love,

LAST UPDATED: July 22, 2015