Witch Trials are Still Happening in the Western World

Modern day witch trials are seeing a resurgence, maybe you've noticed?

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana 


Maybe you’ve seen the headlines.

They go something like this:

“Women claims brain cancer cured by a whole foods diet is being sued for millions.”

“Teenager seeking alternative treatment forced by the courts to undergo chemotherapy.”

“Parents sued by the state for treating illness holistically and declining medical treatment.”

These are all instances in which people are being sued or punished in some way for seeking out a treatment that’s contrary to the accepted method of healing - western medicine.

When individuals seek out alternative treatments, they face steep consequences for going against what everyone widely believes is the best way for treating anything, modern western medicine, even when it may not be.

Back in the days of witch persecution, those who were suspected of practicing anything suspicious who went against the accepted way of being, typically religious doctrine, were tried and hanged or burned at the stake in the physical sense.

These were your healers, shamans, mediums, and psychics.

Nowadays, those who boldly go in the direction against the accepted way of being in modern times - following western medical treatment - are tried and burned at the stake in the spiritual sense.

Witch trials are still happening, people.

Masquerading as justice or protecting others from “foolish” decisions, your healers, mediums, shamans, psychics and holistic practitioners are being tried and hanged. TO THIS DAY.

Take a look at my disclaimer on the blog and website for evidence of it. Or the website of anyone who would have been seen as a witch 500 years ago.

We’re still required to say, by law, that what we do is:

  • not legitimate

  • should not be trusted

  • is not an acceptable form of treatment

even though we see clear evidence that what we do works (sometimes better than western medicine), lest we be tried as a witch.

And even then, there’s still the risk.

In 2016.

To be tried as a witch for practicing witchy-medicine, instead of falling in line, dropping to your knees, and praising the gods of western medicine.

But you won't see the media, justice system, or popular culture market it this way. It will be marketed as righteous and just consequence for being idiotic, irresponsible and uneducated.

Forget that in most cases, the "offenders" are intelligent and over-educated, often holding advanced degrees whilst intentionally choosing to go against the grain. 

Am I right? 

Witches are still being tried right under our noses. 

And now that you know, the more you’ll see instances of it.

Every. Where. You. Look.



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