Modern Witch Persecution Among Shamans, Herbalists, and Alternative Healers

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines.

They go something like this:

“Women claims brain cancer cured by a whole foods diet is being sued for millions.”

“Teenager seeking alternative treatment forced by the courts to undergo chemotherapy.”

“Parents sued by the state for treating illness holistically and declining medical treatment.”

These are all instances in which people are being sued or punished in some way for seeking out a treatment that’s contrary to the accepted method of healing – western medicine.

When individuals seek out alternative treatments, they face steep consequences for going against what everyone widely believes is the best way for treating anything, modern western medicine, even when it may not be.

And it’s not just the seekers of alternative medicine, it’s the practitioners too.

Herbalists are at a particularly high risk of being targeted, but so is just about anyone who practices a medicine that isn’t a western one.

Back in the days of witch persecution, those who were suspected of practicing anything suspicious who went against the accepted way of being, typically religious doctrine, were tried and hanged or burned at the stake in the physical sense.

These were your healers, shamans, mediums, and psychics.

Nowadays, those who boldly go in the direction against the accepted way of being in modern times – following western medical treatment – are tried and burned at the stake in the spiritual sense.

They are sued and jailed, their livelihoods ruined.

We’re not hanging witches anymore, but our government has set up a system that targets their practices, makes them illegal, and suppresses their wisdom.

Witch trials are still happening.

Masquerading as justice or protecting others from “foolish” decisions, your healers, mediums, shamans, psychics and holistic practitioners are being tried and hanged. TO THIS DAY.

For a few examples of how the FDA interferes with and suppresses herbal medicine, read:

FDA wants to jail Amish man for selling herbal remedies

Rockport herbalist struggles with FDA regulations

Take a look at my disclaimer on the blog and website for evidence of it. Or the website of anyone who would have been seen as a witch 500 years ago.

We’re still required to say, by law, that what we do:

  • is not legitimate

  • should not be trusted

  • is not an acceptable form of treatment

  • cannot heal, cure, or treat any illness

even though we see clear evidence that what we do works (sometimes better than western medicine).

Otherwise, we run the risk of being sought out by the government or government agency and facing serious consequences.

Witch trials are an ongoing problem that NEVER ended, our culture just found new ways of persecuting and silencing the witches.

It’s not death, but, for healers and practitioners, it is a serious issue of power loss if you choose to obey, and jail time if you do not.

The healing medicine that humans have used for thousands of years is suppressed, silenced, and made to be illegal for anyone to prescribe it and use it as a treatment – to use it as a MEDICINE.

In many countries, including the USA, certain herbal and plant medicines have been made illegal, often due to their interactions with synthetics. All the while, synthetic drugs that cause pages of side effects and death continue to be used and considered “safe.”

This is where we are as a global community. I’m not sure what the solution is, but for now, my goal is to raise awareness.



Published: May 10, 2016

Updated: December 7, 2016