Your Loved Ones & Crossing Over: How You Can Help

What you can do today to help your Loved One fully cross over to the Other Side

There’s an agreement over what happens when a person dies: something changes.

Depending on the camp you’re in, you may believe that physical death is the end, and nothing happens beyond it besides decomposition.

Most of the world, however, believes something else happens. That the Soul goes somewhere.

If you’re in that camp – keep reading.

The soul does go somewhere after physical death. The Spirit leaves the physical body on or around the passing of your Loved One, and where your Loved Ones’ Spirit goes is largely a matter of choice.

Each and every Spirit, is given the choice to cross into the Light, to go to Heaven, or to return to the Source, when they die.

Everyone gets this option. Regardless of any choice made during their physical life – they get this choice again.

Some Spirits choose to go into the Light immediately.

Some don’t. For a variety of reasons, the least of which are evil and malicious.

Some individuals don’t realize that they’re being given this choice, because they don’t yet realize they are dead, and inadvertently, they ignore it.

Some don’t believe they are worthy of it, some don’t believe they deserve to be happy and at peace, some don’t believe it exists, and some certainly may chose to stay and be a bully.

Others say, “Not right now, I have things to do first. Come back later, I need make sure a few things are taken care of before I can rest.

This last group, they have worries. They have fears. They have things they are concerned about, and need to make absolutely sure, that these things are taken care of before they can cross over.

But mostly, they worry.

They’re not here on earth for malicious haunting. Or to break glasses to scare you. Or to make your life miserable from the grave.

That’s not it at all.

Your Loved Ones & Crossing Over: What you can do to help

Those that choose to stay because they have worries, they kind of fall between the cracks. Their worries aren’t always addressed by their living Loved Ones, though this is not anyone’s fault. We could point fingers at pop culture and the media for sensationalizing the scary ghost, as the only type of Spirit that still exists on Earth, but largely, it’s just a matter of not knowing. Not knowing that even the most kind-hearted, would never kill a fly, Loved One, may fall into the category of Earthbound Spirit, just because they worry and choose to stay until things are sorted out.

It could be your Mother, who’s worried that her shih tzu, Misty, is going to be sent to an animal shelter with no assurance at a happy home and destined to a life of missing her mom and being lonely. Your Mom just wants to be assured that Misty is going to be taken care of.

It could be your Best Friend, who can’t rest until she knows for certain that her son and daughter will have a mother figure, sitting in for her, at their future graduations and weddings. She needs to know someone will fill this role for her before she can move on.

It could your Brother, who is afraid that his 2 year old daughter won’t have a father figure to watch over her and check out her dates 14 years from now. He wants to make absolutely certain that someone will be there to do that for him.

It could your Grandfather, who worries that the inheritance will tear his family apart. He worries that he set things up correctly and that his preparations and death won’t actually backfire. He sticks around to make sure this doesn’t happen – and to cross over, he needs someone to agree to take on the role of overseeing a smooth handling of funds and property.

These individuals, you know them, they aren’t malicious, evil Earthbound ghostly Spirits. They’re your family. Your best friends. Your parents, your children, and your friends. They’re your Loved Ones – and they have worries, just like you do.

Sometimes, these worries and fears can prevent a person from fully crossing over into the Light.

And you can help.

Your Loved Ones & Crossing Over: What you can do to help

In fact, they want you to help. They want you to tell them, just as you would have in life, that you’ll help figure it out.

That you’ll find a happy home for Misty.

That you’ll attend graduations and weddings for your Best Friend.

That you’ll keep an eye on your Niece and screen her dates.

That you’ll try your hardest to maintain a sense of order in the family.

In order to cross over, they need to be released of these fears and worries.

Like balloon strings tied to a railing, with each worry that you soothe and each fear that you erase, you snip a balloon string, allowing it to float towards the sun.

All you have to do is talk to them. They can hear you.

Use their name and let them know that you’ve got this. Not to worry, you’ll take care of it.

If you have a Loved One that’s recently passed on, consider what they might worry about that you could help with. Consider what you might worry about, if you were in their shoes, and do your best to relieve that fear. In the exact same way that you would have done when they were alive, or that you would do with any living friend or Loved One that called upon you for help.

You can speak to them out loud. You can have the conversation in your mind. You can write it in a letter. You can type it on the computer. It doesn’t matter. All that matters, is that you do.

Soothe their fears. Release their worries.

And when you do, you release them from that which still ties them to this Earth – allowing them to fully step into the Light and into their Soul’s peace.

You can do it today.

LAST UPDATED: January 25, 2015