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Cut. It. Out! A Guide to Cord Cutting by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Cut. It. Out!

A Guide to Cord Cutting

by Sarah Petruno

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Have you ever. . .

Felt suffocated by a friend, partner, or family member? 

Felt sudden stomach stabbing pains, from out of nowhere? 

Not been able to stop thinking, obsessing about a particular situation? 

Have someone repeatedly coming into and interjecting in your thoughts, day and night? 

Felt drained, exhausted, and like everyone was always needing or grabbing at something from you? 

Suddenly felt like someone threw a wet heavy blanket, over your energy field? 

Yes, ugh?

Congrats! You’ve experienced an energy cord.

Energy cords are Invisible links that connect you to other people via Their thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

When these cords are made of worry, guilt, anger, pain, annoyance, irritation, or any other low vibe negative thought, they have a detrimental impact on you – both emotionally and physically.

Cords and the attachment of them…are an everyday Reality.

Knowing how to remove them from yourself is an essential skill of life.

There is nothing more ubiquitous to the human experience than energy cords.

We all have them, deal with them, and experience them day in and day out.

The Cut. It. Out! Guide to Cord Cutting is designed to cut straight through the spiritual fluff and teach you about cords -what they can do, how they do it, and how to get rid of them.

I’ve distilled and refined everything I know from thousands of hours of client sessions in this manual into an easy, essential, and necessary guide that you’ll need to properly understand cords and fully remove them.

The Cut. it. out! Guide to cord cutting will teach you:  

  • tested cord removal strategies

  • how cords are created, destroyed and formed

  • what cords really are, in plain terms, and how to identify them

  • How cords exist within our physical, energetic, and spiritual realities

  • The potential damages and implications of having cords

  • the 3 categories of cords and the differences between them

  • How to remove and heal each type of cord depending on the category

  • and finally, How to kindly remove your cords from others

the Cut. It. Out! e-Book Includes Effective visualization techniques anyone can do.

And they are the very same techniques that I use in my own life, share and teach my family members and use to provide immediate and long lasting relief for my clients.

Ready to learn cord cutting, the practical way? 

Grab your copy of the e-Book below! 

Cut. It. Out! A Guide to Cord Cutting by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Cut. It. Out!

A guide to Cord Cutting


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Supplements to this E-book:

I include a cord cutting energy healing in my popular Total Chakra + Aura Cleanse meditation.

This guide includes visualization activities, not sure you can visualize? Use your imagination, or check out this meditation, to open up your ability to visualize.