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Daily Grounding & Clearing Meditation

available for instant download via .mp3 file


Guided meditation for grounding and clearing your energy on a day-to-day basis, by Shamanic Healer Sarah Petruno


Sarah’s Go-To Meditation for Grounding, Clearing, and Preparing for Healing Work

The meditation that was featured in the popular Day-to-Day Shamanism video seminar is now available as a stand alone meditation! You can now ground yourself, clear, and call back your energy in just about 15 minutes or less, and faster once you get the technique down!

In this meditation you will: 

Ground yourself from below and above

Open your heart center for the day and for healing work

Call scattered energy back to you

Cut cords no longer serving you

Cleanse and clear your auric energy field

All the steps for essential, daily energy management!

Daily Grounding & Clearing meditation


When you purchase this meditation, you receive 1 .mp3 guided audio meditation delivered digitally and directly to you after purchase.

15:30 minutes in length

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