Shamanic Apprenticeship Program in Eastern European Shamanism 

Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

**the apprenticeship program for the 2016/2017 has been filled**

Sarah Petruno's Apprencticeship Program is an in-person, highy tailored training that provides the unique opportunity for learning shamanic healing in the Eastern European shamanic lineage. 


Weekly to biweekly in person sessions (depending on needs) held in Sarah's Philadelphia home office, during weekday daytime hours. Duration is 6-12 months. 

start date

Early Summer 2016




You are an individual and your training is individualized, tailored, and developed exclusively for you and your needs in your development as a Shaman.

You and Sarah will work together to communicate with your guides on the exact training that is needed and in what order. Your work with Sarah may also include personal healing, in addition to instruction, as directed by Spirit. 

The training may contain lessons and/or practicals on:

  • An introduction to the Worlds - Energetic, Physical, and Spiritual, and their interface with the lower, middle, and upper worlds.
  • Meeting your Guides for Each World
  • The Psychic Abilities and Understanding Your Abilities
  • Working Within and Understanding the Energetic World
  • The Energetic Body - Intro to the Chakra System and the Aura
  • Working Within and Understanding the Spiritual World
  • Understanding Light vs. Dark
  • Creating the Link Between the Worlds
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Basics and Importance of Self-Healing and Clearing
  • Becoming a Clear Conduit for Healing and for Spirit
  • Understanding Your Role as a Healer of the Spirit
  • Shamanic Divination aka Connecting with Spirit - for Yourself and for Others
  • Impact of Past Lives on Current Life Experiences and Healing
  • Healing and Moving Energy
  • Chakra and Aura Healing
  • Cord Cutting and Healing
  • Understand the Connection between Spiritual and Energetic Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Shamanic Illumination aka Healing Past Traumas
  • Shamanic Extraction aka Healing Auric and Energetic Field Intrusions
  • Compassionate De-possession aka Removing Attachment Spirits
  • Psychopomp aka Crossing Over Spirits
  • Cohesive Healing - Linking Spiritual, Energetic, and Physical together in your Healing Sessions
  • Branding, Your Website, and Marketing Yourself as a Healer
  • Setting Up a Website, Fees, and your Role in this Life

    . . . and more! 

These are just a short list of topics that we can cover and that you can learn in your training with Sarah and your Spirit Team. Shamanism is a complex union of Spiritual and Energetic Healing - the sum of which is difficult to breakdown into a bulleted list based format. 

Sarah uses no tools to connect with Spirit in her Shamanic Practice. She will teach you how to connect and heal others without the use of any tools beyond your ability to connect with Spirit and Energy.

requirements for application

  • Live within 45 minutes of NW Philadelphia
  • Reliable transportation to Sarah's home
  • Availability to begin work Late Spring/Early Summer 2016
  • Weekday, daytime availability (preferably afternoons) on a weekly basis
  • Ability to be on time or slightly early for your meetings - timeliness is a must. Lateness will not be accepted or tolerated. 
  • Some level of familiarity with Sarah's work and philosophies (by reading the blog, watching her videos, taking her eCourses, etc.) 
  • Readiness to fully commit to the work
  • Agree to make time to practice at home, on your own time
  • Trust in the Spirit World
  • Respect and appreciation for the work
  • Ready to make appropriate necessary changes in your life as needed to heal and step into your role as a healer

Selection process

  • Step 1: Submit your application for the Apprentice position (application period closed)
  • Step 2: If selected, Sarah will invite you to schedule a Skype call for a relaxed one on one interview
  • Step 3: You and Sarah meet in person for lunch/dinner (courtesy of Sarah) to get to know each other and really see if the relationship is a good fit
  • Step 4: Let the learning begin! 
    Background check or further interviews may be required

Application period is now closed. Stay tuned for future openings!