Energy First Aid Class Forum

Energy is the unsung, unseen, and unspoken backbone of our entire existence. 

Our energy is our lifeline. 

It's about so much more than chakras and auras and distance healing. 

It's about managing your health with energy, from the inside out, and having the tools in your hands, available when you need them, in the case of an energy emergency.

Imagine this, it's Friday and your'e feeling great. The morning was extra sunny, your iced coffee tasted extra great and your favorite song played on the radio this morning on the way to work. Not to mention you have a very special date you're looking forward to going on later in the evening. 

Then, sometime during work, you end up in your boss's office for a meeting. For some unknown reason they were in a really foul mood, and completely verbally lashed you about something that was uncalled for and not your fault. Boom, your energy is zapped and your happy Friday turned into a forgettable Friday, essentially ruining your day and night.

But, your weekend doesn't have to be ruined, why? Because you are trained in Energy First Aid. 

When that emotional cut happened and your energy took a nose dive, you knew right away to take a deep breathe and implement the techniques learned in this class.

Not only is your emotional wound now safely cleaned and covered, but it's on the right path to heal properly, and not get infected down the road and remain an issue.  

You are now able to shake off the pain and have 100% confidence that your wound is healed and ready for whatever the day brings.

This is the essence of Energy First Aid.

Clearing your energy and knowing what to do when is just as critical to your health as is knowing how to clean a wound. 

Dressing a wound and cutting a cord are two essential skill sets in life. One physical, one energetic. One widely known, the other not. 

Both of equal importance. 

Knowing basic Energy First Aid changed my life. 

Five years ago I was taking 3 medications to treat bipolar disorder and two anxiety disorders. They marginally worked. 

Then, I changed my whole game and got thrown into the world of energy when I was pregnant and unable to take those medications. 

I stared regularly implementing the practices of energy first aid and my whole worldview and life have shifted. 

NO longer medicated, I'm now able to fix many illnesses and problems just with the core techniques of Energy First Aid. 

Imagine not knowing how to wash and clean a wound. So instead of doing something, you do nothing. 

The consequences could be serious, right?

Same goes for energetic wounds.

But because we can't see these types of wounds, their care has fallen by the wayside in modern society. Thus, so many people are feeling the effects of a lifetime of energetic debris floating around impacting all parts of their lives. 

Even if you have a basic framework of Energy First Aid, small tweaks to your regime can have a major impact on your life. 

Energy First Aid can change your life. 

We aren't just talking anxiety, though that's a biggie.

We're talking relief from -

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Panic

  • Depression

  • Worry

  • Fear

  • Guilt

  • Exhaustion

  • Head and chest pains

  • Mystery illnesses

  • Unexplained stomach problems

  • Indigestion

  • Sinus and congestion 

  • And SO. MUCH. MORE. 


Our energetic and physical systems are linked. 

If we don't know basic energetic first aid, we're doing our health a major disservice. 

It's time to learn the core skills of Energy First Aid. Once you do, you open a toolkit that can change the way you live your life.

The tools of energy first aid, once you learn them, are yours forever. 

Energy First Aid is a 6 week tele-class with Sarah Petruno. 

Each week, we meet for one 90 minute class and cover a single Module of Energy First Aid. You need a phone or an internet connection to attend. 

In between classes, you will:

  • Receive homeworks and handouts to help guide you though the class
  • Be invited to participate on our private Energy First Aid online forum, where you can chat with classmates and ask Sarah questions

At the end of class, you will come away with comprehensive knowledge of

  • Our energy system and how it operates within you and within our world 
  • Grounding and clearing
  • Cord cutting 
  • Energy loss and retrieval
  • How to manage energy in many different situations 
  • What techniques to use, where, and when 
  • What our symptoms tell us about the state of our energy 
  • and more! See complete module outline below.

You will also receive these extras:  

  • 3 guided meditations, recorded and yours to keep 
  • One never before releasing eBook on Cord Cutting 
  • All class recordings 

Once you are trained in Energy First Aid, the training never expires or becomes outdated. 

The practices are good to use for the rest of your lifetime - and the more you practice, the more refined your techniques will become. You can and will build on what you learn in this class. Tuck them in your back pocket, and pull them out when the need arises. 

In this class, you create your Energy First Aid kit for a lifetime. 

What else will you learn? 

The Details

  • Class is weeks total and held on Thursdays at 3:30 pm EST from July 21st - August 25th
  • One 90 minute tele-seminar each week
  • You need a phone, skype, or an internet connection to attend. Learn more here
  • Weekly homework assignments and handouts, with some weeks including bonus meditations or documents to support your learning
  • All calls will be recorded and emailed to you within 36 hours of class
  • Access to a private student-only forum where you’ll be able to post questions, experiences and interact with myself and your classmates for the duration of the 6 week class + an additional week after class ends

Your Investment



When you enroll in Energy First Aid, you'll receive an email confirming your enrollment and providing you with further details about how to attend class and join the forum. 

Knowing and using Energy First Aid has profoundly changed my life. The techniques I use in this class are the ones that have freed me from anxiety and depression, have allowed me to care for myself and my family without seeing a doctor in over four years, and are the ones I use daily and will continue to use until the day I die. 

It's that good. They're THAT good. 

I know Energy First Aid can change your life like it has changed mine. 



See you in class!