Why Young Living?

We use Young Living Essential Oils in our home in support of our natural, spiritual, and emotional health-focused lifestyle. For a long time, we used other brands of oils that could be purchased from major retailers and at the local stores, but more for aromatherapy purposes. As we started to shift our diet and way to living to be more mindful of organic practices, pesticides, and GMOs, it became important for us to find and essential oil company that was committed to ensuring the quality, sustainability, growing practices, and authenticity of the product they produced. Young Living is the only oil company who owns their farms and can verify the entire process is pesticide free and GMO-free whenever possible, from when the plant is a seed to all the way through to distillation and bottlingprocess.

The Seed to Seal Guarantee

This is the one, major, huge thing that sets Young Living apart from all other essential oil companies. No chemicals, no pesticides, no sprays, a higher than organic standard, and GMO-free whenever possible. You can read and watch more about this guarantee more here

They’re also one of the oldest essential oil companies and have a huge selection of single oils, blends, and supplements, all with this guarantee. 

I signed up for a distributor account with Young Living for these reasons, along with the discount of 24% off retail that comes with membership as a distributor – and, because there was no pressure that to sell anything!

I signed up for Young Living because I’d long felt called to incorporate essential oils and related supplements into our holistic body, mind, and spirit approach to living. 

If you’re searching for a way to start integrating essential oils into your life, I invite you to understand a bit more about how you can join Young Living and start using their products.


Young Living Membership Options

Membership Options

As a Retail Customer

At the customer level, you pay retail pricing and there’s no selling whatsoever. Just buy what you need and be on your way. No obligation, no yearly fees, no strings attached.

As an Independent Distributor at the Consumer Level

This is the option you’d want to sign up for if you’re interested in saving 24% with wholesale pricing, but not in doing Young Living as a business. To sign up, you must purchase a starter kit which ranges from $45-$260, depending on what you choose to be included in the kit. I like to think of the Starter Kit as the membership fee, similar to one that you would pay at a wholesale store like Costco or Sam’s club. You only have to purchase this kit once, and then, in order to keep your membership active as an independent distributor, you must make a purchase of about $50 (50PV) once per calendar year. Again, I like to think of this as the membership fee. It’s well worth it and you can easily earn it back in the amount you save in even your first order.

To summarize, to sign up at this level:

  • You receive 24% off retail
  • You must choose a starter kit ($45-$260) as a one time purchase
  • You don’t need to sell anything to anyone
  • To keep your wholesale pricing, you must make a $50 (50PV purchase once per year)

As an Independent Distributor at the Business Level

If you want to do Young Living as a business, you’d sign up as an independent distributor like above,  but once you’re a member, you’d do things a bit differently. You have to purchase that starter kit, and you receive 24% off retail pricing, BUT, in order to receive commission payouts from purchases and signups, you have to join their Essential Rewards program and make a monthly purchase of at or over $100 or 100PV.  But, don’t panic. I panicked too, at first, then I realized the reason I signed up was to integrate these products into my life and that requirement will allow me to grow my supplies, try new things, and replenish stock.  And, if you’re using the products in your life, this is surprisingly easy to do to restock even your own products.  With Essential Rewards, you earn a percentage of your purchase back in points that are redeemable for products, and with bonuses and sales, you can easily get to a place where these required purchases are free for you.

To summarize, to sign up at this level:

  • You receive 24% off retail
  • You must choose a starter kit ($45-$260) as a one time purchase
  • To earn commissions, you must sign up for Essential Rewards and make a monthly purchase of at least $100 or 100PV

My Recommendation: 

The best choice in all of this to become a wholesale member with the premium starter kit (PSK) and focus on loving the oils. Oils first, business later. I understand cost may be a concern, in which case, set some money aside for a few weeks. The PSK is the only thing on YL’s website that’s 50% off. It’s a total retail value of $349 and you can get it for $160 + shipping. It is worth it! I used every single oil in mine completely within 6 weeks and have repurchased all of them. 

The Premium Starter Kit

AKA the best investment you can make in yourself. The Premium Starter Kit contains 11 essential oils and a diffuser for $160 and can go up depending on the diffuser you choose. 

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit is the best way to get started with Young Living. There are other Starter Kit options, like the Thieves Kit, or the Ningxia Kit, but the PSK is the most popular and common option. The Basic Kit is the only one I recommend against because it does just include one oil and a bunch of paperwork and samples for $45.

The Premium Starter Kit includes ELEVEN essential oils and a diffuser at a significant discount than if you were going to buy them individually. You get to try and use many of their most popular oils and do so at a considerable discount. (The whole thing is priced out at $349 retail). 

Premium Starter Kit Price Breakdown

An investment in the Premium Starter Kit is an investment in yourself. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my life and for my family. 

What about Essential Rewards?

In short, yes, I think you should join Essential Rewards. Even if it’s just for the first month to try it out. It’s totally free and you earn a % back of what you order in points that you can redeem for free products. . .so, you basically save more money. 

I have a whole blog post explaining ER, which you can find here. But, in short, here’s how it works:

  • It’s free to sign up and you cancel at any time 
  • You can change your ship date and order every single month – no being locked into things you don’t want or need
  • With each ER order, you earn a % back in ER points that you can use for free products
    • For months 1-3 that you are enrolled, you earn 10% back
    • For months 4-24 that you are enrolled, you earn 20% back
    • For months 25+ that you are enrolled, you earn 25% back
  • You receive gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of continuous ER enrollment
  • You receive discounted shipping
  • To stay enrolled, you only need to place a 50 PV (~$50 order) per month
  • You can save up your points for bigger items, but be sure to use them before they expire (12 months from when they were earned) or you cancel ER

    For full details on the program, go here.

I’m on ER and I change my order about 50 times a month, right up until the day it processes. If you plan to integrate YL products into your life, they have so much more than just oils, there’s no reason NOT to sign up. Switch out your household products, your beauty products, and even your supplements with YL products and you’ll have no problem meeting the minimum monthly order. 

Choose a Thieves Kit, a Ningxia Kit (the BESTTTT – we buy one each month), or make a custom order. 

With Young Living, you are NEVER asked to sell anything and when you sign up as a member, you receive wholesale pricing. When you sign up, I can connect you to a suite of education groups on Facebook to get you learning how to use your oils quickly and easily. 

Ready to sign up? 

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Why Sign Up with Me?

Community (Team Oiltuition)

When you join Young Living and enter a sponsor/enroller number, you are joining a team. A team that you need to pay attention to and be aware of when signing up! This team is responsible for providing all the resources, education, and support that you may need on your journey. I was incredibly blessed to join an amazing team, one that is beyond open to spirituality, energetic healing, and shamanism. This is the team that you’ll join when signing up under me. And, I’ve even created my own team – Team Oiltuition! A smaller, close-knit group, where you’ll have access to resources that I personally provide, like my From Broke to Baller Healing Program. Even if you never intend to sell oils, you’ll need the support in learning best practices, what oils to use for what things, how to use them, and all the amazing things Young Living has to offer. One thing that we can offer is a strong sense of community! 


Once you join Young Living on my team, you’ll have the option to be added to a few extensive Facebook groups that offer endless educational and business related resources in the form of trainings, videos, documents, live calls, classes, information on where to buy supplies for your DIY projects and samples, and even pre-made marketing materials if you decide to go business. SO MANY resources are available to you on my team. 


Oils are a fun way to integrate the health supporting and spiritual healing properties of plants, but they can be overwhelming. Figuring out how to start a business can be overwhelming too. That’s why, with our team, educational resources abound and you’ll never have a problem finding the information you need. As a bonus, when you join my team, in addition to all the resources offered by the greater community I’m in, I give every single person who buys a Premium Starter Kit access to my in-depth abundance healing program, From Broke to Baller, which is beneficial even if you don’t want to go business. We all have money patterns we need to heal if we want to be more prosperous, and this course gives you the added push! 

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