Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not ready to become a shaman, but I know I have healing gifts. How can I start?

Follow the blog and learn everything you can. Follow Sarah on YouTube. Sign up for the newsletter. Grab a copy of the eBook, Shamanic Basics, to learn the essentials and get core concepts down. Then, start learning techniques through the variety of products in Sarah’s online shop or through her monthly subscription program, The Shaman Life.

I want to purchase something you offer, but I’m not sure which is best for me. What do you recommend?

Depends on what you want. We’ve broken the shop up into two main sections: The General Store and Sarah’s Medicine Cabinet. The General Store contains items for spiritual growth, expansion, and learning new skills and Sarah’s Medicine Cabinet contains items intended for healing specific issues. We recommend choosing, first and foremost, based on what you feel most guided to pick.

Want to go with the most popular? The most popular things on the website are:

The Shaman Life Subscription Program

The Self Soul Retrieval Meditation

The Kick the Sidekick Spiritual Attachments Seminar

How did Sarah become a shaman?

Sarah is trained in an Eastern European lineage of shamanism. You can learn more about how she was trained here, learn more about her background here, and check out the blog tag “Sarah’s Experiences” for tons of articles about Sarah and how she came to be where she is now.

Does Sarah offer an apprenticeship program?

Sometimes! Subscribe to the mailing list (in the footer), follow her on social media, or join The Shaman Life to be the first to know!  Find the currently enrolling training program here.

Can I buy a session as a gift for someone else?

Unfortunately, no. Sarah needs to receive consent from each person receiving a session and at a distance, purchase of the session by the individual acts as that consent. Due to the time limiting nature of some of the sessions Sarah offers, we are unable to reach out and receive consent from a recipient who has received a session as a gift. For these reasons, we are unable to offer gift sessions at this time.

The Blog

Ack! I really want to read an article but keep getting redirected, how can I stop it?!

Ugggghhhh. We know the feeling. The ad redirects are a problem across the entire internet and any website that has ads struggles with this, even companies like Google and Apple are trying to get to the bottom of. In short, we don’t want them either, and neither does anyone. . . except the company hired to create the ad and having the redirect meets some kind of quota for them. Our ad partnering company wrote up this awesome article explaining it all, including tips on what you can do. If you take a screenshot of the ad, have the URL you visited, the time and timezone, and all the information they request, please sent it to us at and we can forward it to them. Clearing your cache, and closing out of the page and opening it again usually makes it disappear, too.


Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do! Affiliates earn 30% commissions from referrals of Sarah Petruno Shamanism products. To learn more and sign up, head to this page.

When does my e-Course start once I sign up?

All eCourses are structured so that they start immediately with a Welcome Email as soon as you sign up to give all the instructions and guidance you’ll need to be successful in the course. Then, your first lesson of the eCourse is emailed to you the morning  after your enrollment (in EST).

I purchased something and I haven’t received anything or I never received certain lessons or exercises. What do I do?

Did you purchase your product after September 2016? If so, you can resend yourself your own order email by clicking here.

For eCourses and other issues, read on. 

1. Check the time.  Welcome emails for eCourses, ebooks, and other products are sent immediately, so if you haven’t received those, see below. But, if you’re receiving an eCourse, check the time. Course emails are sent at 6 am Eastern TimeIn a different Timezone than US Eastern? You will receive your course emails whenever 6:00 am EST corresponds to your timezone. Please check for the local time conversation and from there, you can caculate when to expect to receive your daily course emails. Please be patient. Sometimes emails take between 5-15 minutes to travel through the internet-o-sphere.

2.  All emails are sent to the email that was tied to your payment. If you used a paypal account, this means your emails are sent to your primary PayPal email address. Check there first.  If you need your purchase sent to a different email, please email We DO NOT see the paypal notes.

3. If you have an email filter service, such as, check this service’s round up for the day.

4. Next, check your trash, promotion, spam, and junk folders. Seriously. Sometimes we can accidentally delete an important email and our email inboxes tend to filter out even emails that we think are important. Gmail users: Gmail tends to move our emails to your promotions folder. Go to that folder, then click the checkbox next to the email, and move it to your primary inbox to get them delivered there. You may also need to unlabel it as a promotion. 

Still nothing? Try these more advanced email maneuvers: 

5.   Add Sarah Petruno Shamanism as a contact in your address book, using the name Sarah Petruno Shamanism and the email as the email address for that contact. This lets your email service know you want to hear from us and we’re a safe sender.

6. Then, find the welcome email (or any course email) if you received it, and mark it as “important,” “urgent,” and “not-spam.” Some email services will auto-permanantly delete what it considers spam so that it doesn’t even make it to your trash and the email is gone forever ( email service is especially good at this).

7. Next, try your email search feature and search for the product name. Also search for “” and “Sarah Petruno Shamanism”.

8. Check your email account to see if there’s enough space. If your space is full, you won’t receive emails from us. If there’s little to no space left on your server, delete some emails to make room and try searching for the email again (step 7).

Still nothing? Contact us at and we’ll sent you what you need. 

Can you send my e-course lessons to another email address?

Yes! We require that all email change requests must be sent prior to the halfway point in the course (i.e., by Day 7 for a 14 Day Course), otherwise we are unable to honor the request.  Simply contact us at with the email address that your eCourse is currently being sent to and let us know the email address that you’d like to switch over for course lessons and correspondence.

Keep in mind, when you ask to switch emails, your eCourse will start over from Day 1 at the new email account. For this reason, if you are planning on switching email accounts for receiving your daily lessons, it’s better to do so earlier, rather than later in the course. When you switch, we unsubscribe your current email from the course and resubscribe the new email. Meaning, your current email enrolled in the course will no longer receive course emails after you request the change.

I purchased an eCourse and didn’t complete it. Can you resend it to me from the beginning (or “x” day) and restart the course?

Unfortunately, no. Our email system recognizes each email that signs up for the course and identifies that email address has having “received” all of the lessons. Because of this, we are unable to restart a course or retrigger it from the beginning or a certain day, as our email system will internally identify you has having already received the emails and it won’t allow us to resend them for harassment purposes. To find a specific email lesson, please use the search tips above.

To avoid this problem, please purchase the course with the intention of completing it as it is sent. Or, set up a folder filtering system into your inbox to hold the emails  until you are ready for them. We cannot provide refunds (see below) and are unable to resend the eCourse to a new email after the course has been completed.

I’m having trouble downloading my files, what can I do?

Each downloadable product has no limit on download attempts – no need to panic. If you’re attempting to download your files and you are experiencing problems, try these solutions:

  • turn off pop-up blockers on your browser. These will automatically block the pop-up window that allows your files to download.
  • switch to another browser
  • try another device. If it’s not working on your phone, try your computer or tablet.
  • delete the file and try again on a secure, stable internet connection

If all else fails, send us an email at and we’ll get you what you need.


Help! I can’t get the meditations I purchased to save.

Meditation downloads are sent you via email following your purchase. The download links plus instructions to download are included in a PDF package that you receive. For your convenience, we have set it up so you can both stream and download your files.

To get a meditation that you purchased to save for download, right click on the play window. Chances are if it isn’t saving, the issue is with right clicking. If you do not know how to right click and you have a Mac, please refer to this article for help.  If you know how to right click and open the ‘Save file as’ box, then the problem might be with your default download folder.

All computers have a default place as to where new downloads are saved. In most cases, this folder is called “Downloads” or “Recent Downloads.” To find the files that you’ve recently downloaded, simply locate this default location – your meditations will likely be there. You can also set a downloadable file location for your computer to prevent further issues in finding downloads.

I can’t get my meditation to play – help!

All meditations have been validated and tested prior to release. Downloads are formatted to be best received and opened on a stationary computer or laptop. We have found that in most cases, the process works best if you save your downloadable files to a stationary computer or laptop, and then transfer them over to a mobile device at a later date. If you’re having problems with sound or getting the meditation to play try: 

  • Deleting the file and downloading it again on a secure or alternate internet connection
  • Downloading the file on a different device or different internet connection
  • Downloading the file on a PC or Mac and then transferring the file to your mobile device
  • Testing or troubleshooting your speakers and headphones
  • Clearing your cache, restarting your device, and trying again.

There are no limits to the number of times you can download a file or attempt to download a file. If you’re having trouble getting the file to save, please see above.

How can I play my meditations on a mobile device?

We have found that the process works best if you download your meditation to a computer, then transfer the files over to your mobile device from there. For iDevices, this might mean you download you file on a computer, transfer it to iTunes, then sync your iDevice with iTunes. If you have an iDevice and wish to download directly to your phone, you can try the FileMaster app. Save your meditation to the app and play it within that app (it does play in the background). If you have an Android, you may be able to download your MP3 and then open the MP3 within your music playing app.

Misc Digital Goods

How do I download a file/meditation I purchased to an iPhone, Android, tablet?

All downloads are formatted to be best received and opened on a stationary computer or laptop. However, it can help if you navigate to the app that can open the file you’re downloading and open the file through the app. For example, if you’re trying to open a .pdf file, go to your pdf viewer app and open the file from within the app. If you’re trying to open an .mp3 file, go your mp3 playing app and attempt to open the file from within that app. (FileMaster app is free and works well on iDevices).

If all else fails, please refer to the technical manual for your mobile device to find out how to download and save external files on a mobile platform. Or google. There are different methods and techniques for all the diverse devices out there. We have found that in most cases, the process works best if you save your downloadable files to a stationary computer or laptop, and then transfer them over to a mobile device at a later date.

What’s the refund policy on products and services?

Your purchase is non-refundable. We encourage you to shop wisely before purchasing any product or service. If you have concerns about making a purchase, we encourage you to take some time to explore the website, blog, and social media pages. If you like what Sarah offers for free, chances are you’ll be happy with your purchase.  By purchasing any product or service,  you agree to the Sarah Petruno Shamanism Terms & Conditions.