From Broke to Baller Partnership Program Application

The partnership program is open to spiritual, intuitive, and heart-centered business owners with active websites, social media platforms, and overall social presences. The intention for this program is to partner with you to give you the program FOR FREE, in exchange for your promotion of the program through your social media channels. Additionally, upon completion of the program, you will receive a discount code to share with your audience! 

With your application and completion of the program, you agree to reciprocate energy exchange through promoting the program on your own social media and website platforms (your success stories, the overall value, your experiences, etc.). You can also receive additional sales commissions through your promotions by signing up for our affiliate program and using your affiliate links to promote (Hellllllllo, abundance!). While we can't actually penalize you for NOT promoting the program and holding up your end of the exchange, you are well aware that karma has a way of balancing itself out. So, please be honest and only apply to the program if you can 100% hold up your end of the exchange. To review the healing program itself, click here. 

We can't ensure that all applicants will receive admission to the program. At this time, no remaining spots are open. You may submit your information for future consideration. Thank you! 

Please enter your information below for consideration. 

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The course uses the hashtag #frombroketoballer
We don't need a complex marketing scheme here, just an idea of what platforms you might use to share :).