From Broke to Baller - Healing Program with a Classroom Community, designed to heal your relationship with money. 3 modules and 21 lessons with exercises, prompts, and guided visualizations dig up, rewrite, and create a new way of receiving money. 

From Broke to Baller

In-Depth Program for Healing Your Relationship with Money

Included when you join my Young Living team with a Premium Starter Kit

 with Sarah Petruno, Shamana

From Broke to Baller is a comprehensive healing program cultivated, crafted and intuitively designed to help heal and reverse past and current life relationships, behaviors and energy surrounding MONEY.

It’s designed for givers who give, and give, and give some more, to the point of burnout.

It’s designed for healers who just want to keep healing at a cost to themselves and their own wellbeing.

It’s designed for anyone who has hit a wall, and is ready to overcome their barriers, rewrite their patterns, and begin to completely shift their perspectives, relationships, and stories surrounding money and the people in their lives to whom they give.

From Broke to Baller empowers you, and shows you how to make that change and break through to the next level of your income potential.

Are you tired of putting your heart and soul into your career, while still struggling to make ends meet?

Have you had enough of charging too little for the sake of your audience, but your card gets declined buying groceries? 

Do you feel that the work you do should afford you nicer things, but it doesn’t? 

Do you hear yourself saying things like “I can’t afford” and “I don’t have”? 

Do you feel like you’re constantly giving to others, but you’re not being repaid for the work that you do, or what’s owed to you? 

The From Broke To Baller Healing Program was designed to help you address, heal, overcome, and move beyond these frustrations.

What The Program Includes:

Just to Recap What You Receive:

  • 3 Healing Modules

    • Module 1: Your Past & Patterns

    • Module 2: Breaking Barriers & New Paradigms

    • Module 3: Manifestation & Inspired Action

  • Each module contains 7 video lessons, with exercises, meditations, prompts, empowerments, and activities to inspire you and walk you through the process of identifying your money story, creating a new one, and paving a new way

  • A total of 21 video lessons, including 2 guided meditations (streaming and available as mp3 downloads), with a total of 5 hours and 25 minutes of instruction

  • Program support via our community Facebook group

  • THREE Bonus meditations!! These were just added in 2017. On the program page, you can access the Money Forgiveness Meditation, the Healing a Past Life in Poverty Meditation, and the Attracting Abundance meditation. These meditations are no longer available for purchase on their own and are only available in the program!

When you take the program, you’ll come away with:

  • Deeper awareness of your money story and how you got here
  • Knowledge patterns, behaviors, and thought forms you and your energy have formed with the receipt of energy in the form of money
  • Energy visualizations for clearing and releasing old money patterns
  • Tools for how to reverse and create new patterns and stories surrounding your ability and willingness to receive money
  • Reintegrated parts of your soul self that were once trapped in old patterns and cycles
  • Tools for breaking down your own barriers and the barriers that other people place on you
  • Techniques for actionable manifestation and ways to take inspired action to attract money to you
  • A greater sense of peace and how to be OKAY, even when downturns do happen
  • Motivation and empowerment from Spirit on how to break through, keep going and so much more!

How it works

  • The healing program starts as soon as you sign up. It is self-led and all 3 modules are immediately available to you upon sign up.
  • When you sign up, you receive an email with links and instructions to access the healing program web page and classroom chat forum (which is completely option and you can simply follow along without participating).
  • You receive access to the healing program web page with all materials for the lifetime of the program!

From Broke To Baller is an in-depth healing program aimed at erasing and re-scripting lifetimes of energetic money patterns faced by givers and healers.

In the program, I don’t heal you. You heal you. I (co-creating with Spirit) provide you with the structure, tools, and resources for you to do the serious, inner healing work often needed for healing your relationships with money.

Start your healing now. There’s no time to wait for tomorrow when you needed the abundance yesterday.

How to Sign Up

Your Investment

Included when you join my Young Living Team with a Premium Starter Kit

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When you complete your enrollment in Young Living with a Premium Starter Kit, you receive an email sent directly to you for downloading the PDF file that contains instructions for enrollment. Please wait at least 24 hours after your enrollment for this email to arrive. 

 By purchasing this product, you agree to the Sarah Petruno Shamanism Terms & Conditions and agree that all sales are final. 

Please read the FAQ’s below to answer any and all questions you may have about this Program.

About Me:

Hi! I’m Sarah Petruno, a business savvy shaman, teacher, and contributor to the conversation of increasing wealth in healers. After some time spent homeless, broke, and destitute, I reached out to Spirit in desperation and asked what needed to be done to heal this pattern. What emerged, took me from broke and homeless, to my husband quitting his job and my income alone supporting the family in just 9 months. That guidance, and thousands of hours working in client sessions, has formed the framework for this healing program. I created this program because I want other healers, givers, and intuitives of all kinds break the pattern and cycle of over-giving, rewrite their money stories, and create abundant streams of income in the process. To learn more about why I created the program, watch this video.

What Others Are Saying. . .

Laura Biddle, Roots for Wings Healing“Sarah has a great knack for efficiency while still being thorough while teaching. The program does not at all feel like it’s too much to take on. There’s a lot there in terms of value, but it is delivered in such a way that you’re not bogged down and tied to the “classroom.” Rather, you take the concepts and questions and apply them to your everyday life. After all, the point is to impact and change abundance and finances in your every day life!

The healing program is, of course, not without some of Sarah’s brand of empowering DIY energy healing! There are powerful guided meditations designed to bring your power and pieces of your Soul back. You truly are guided to clear out and redesign your relationship to abundance from the inside, out. It’s spiritual and energetic, and it’s also very down-to-earth and accessible.

I highly recommend Sarah’s From Broke to Baller Healing Program. It’s ingrained in us to believe (for the most part, anyhow), that hustling hard is the only way to earn. It’s also ingrained that the only way to be proud and deserving of abundance is if you’ve struggled. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. I don’t know about you, but I want to attract my wealth and enjoy doing it. I want to live my life in awe and appreciation for all of the goodness that surrounds me, rather than simply toiling away in fear that it could be gone at any moment.

And you know what? I am. I am attracting the goods and enjoying it. And I am in awe and appreciation. Sarah’s program is a huge part of that! I plan on sharing more in detail with you as I travel along. So far, the rewards have been fantastic— an abundance of ideas and inspiration, an abundance of energy, an abundance of appreciation, and more money is flowing in!”

— Laura

Read the full review here. 


What kind of time investment do I need to commit?

As much or as little as you like. There are 3 modules with 7 lessons each.  Each lesson runs from 5-30 minutes, plus the time needed for you to perform the assignments, meditations, and prompts, which is anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour or more per lesson. If you’re super motivated, you can complete the program in 3 weeks. If you go a little slower, it will take you longer. You receive at least 6 months access to the healing program from the time you sign up, so you can take your time. However, you begin to see the changes in your life sooner if you stay on top of the material and are diligent about integrating the changes into your life.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate?

You don’t, but there’s value in being a part of the group! Participation in the Facebook group helps you to stay on track and maintain accountability. You can discuss your realizations, patterns, and sticking points with others, discovering things you may not have noticed or have been aware of on your own. It’s not required for completion, but it’s highly valuable to your growth and success in the program. 

How soon can I start to see results?

It depends! In my own experience, it took about 3 months, but I’ve heard from those who completed the program when it was an eCourse, they saw increases in their income in just 2 weeks. It depends on your soul history, your commitment and dedication to the exercises and meditations, and your motivation to participate in inspired action (listen to your intuition and guides – and act!). We don’t make guarantees on the program or that you even will see an increase, as the healing power is within you and your own power, and this program is a guide to help you achieve those results.