Give Back

Donations, Contributions, and Gifts of Support

Love what we do? Has an article, video, or offering helped you in some way? Just want to show Sarah some love? 

The absolute best way that you can give back and support the mission is to share what inspired, helped, or touched you with a friend, a family member, or your social audience. Share a blogYouTube Video, or product and let someone else know how you were changed by it.

We also invite you to give back by purchasing a resource available in Sarah’s extensive online shop or by joining her monthly subscription program, The Shaman Life.

You can also give back in these ways:


Donate Cash to The Cause

Cash donations support website upgrades, software purchases, maintenance, and items to grow and expand the website experience for the better.  Donations are accepted through PayPal.


Give a Spiritual Office Gift

Yaassss! Who doesn’t need more spiritual and office supplies? We’re a growing office and like to invest in quality spiritual supplies, tools, and objects, as well as regular ol’ office supplies. Check out our Amazon Wish List!


Buy Sarah a Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Lattes and Iced Green Tea Lemonades are Sarah’s absolute favorite. She lives around the corner from a Starbucks and likes walk there for a mid-workday break. Send gifts to