Group Distance Healing Sessions

With Sarah Petruno, Shamana

low-cost group energy healing to help you remove stuck, low, and negative energy
$20 per session

Group Healing Sessions offer a low-cost and low-commitment way for you to achieve energetic, physical, and emotional health and well-being.

By taking part in a group healing session, you can amplify the healing available to you without ever having to leave your house or make an appointment.

Through group healing, I am able to offer healing services to you at low, affordable cost.

The benefits of engaging in energetic healing to maintain your overall energetic well-being include: 

  • decreased stress and worry
  • decreased aches and pains
  • decreased feelings of irritability
  • decreased guilt and resentment
  • decreased mental fog
  • decreased anxiety and tension
  • increased positive mood
  • increased ability to “let things slide” 
  • increased feelings of relaxation
  • increased feelings of mental clarity
  • increased calm
  • increased abundance
  • increased overall health
  • and so much more! 

Through Group Healing, Sarah Calls in the Spirit Guides of Everyone in the Group and connects with the Group’s Energy to Perform a healing.

How does this work? Why does this work?

It works because we are all more similar than we are dissimilar and as a collective, we all face similar issues and challenges, presented in different ways, at the same time. The individuals who need a particular healing are guided to it by Spirit, at the same time, and everyone’s Spirit Guides get together to designed the most optimal healing to be received by everyone . . . then, they guide me through performing that healing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Group healings will be offered live and as a recording. you are invited to attend via video webinar if you are able to, but attendance is 100% optional, and all participants will receive both video and audio of the session after it is completed.

  • when you sign up, you’ll receive a confirmation email in which you will be given details to attend the (optional) live video call

  • On the day and time of the healing, we will meet for healing, guided visualization, and messages from spirit all surrounding the healing theme chosen by spirit

  • the session will be recorded via both video and audio only files and delivered to all participants after the healing as soon as the file is ready.  you do not need to attend the live session to be included. You receive the healing the first time around, and, when you listen to/watch the recording again, you receive the healing a second time.

As a recap . . . Group healings will be live and recorded via video and audio only files. Live attendance is optional. When the healing is complete, we’ll send everyone a link to access both files (no written transcript available). 

There is nothing you absolutely need to do to prepare for the session. But if you DO want to do something, you can! 

  • Before the session, you may write down your intentions for the healing (what you want to manifest, release, etc.), being however vague or specific as you want.
  • When you listen, do so with headphones to tune out distractions and really tune into the energy of Spirit
  • Take notes while you listen of your perceptions, what’s coming up for you, and what you’re feeling.
  • Make yourself comfortable, if possible, during the healing and while you listen.

Group Healing Session Dates & Times

How to Sign Up: 

  • Click the date you want to sign up for below. It opens a new window to the scheduling page.
  • If you have a coupon code, redeem it, if not, ignore this button and set your time zone.
  • Once you set the time zone, a calendar should appear. Click the date of the healing.
  • Once you’ve clicked on the date of the healing, a drop down should pop up that shows the time of the healing in your time zone. Set your cursor over that, and select continue (to the right).
  • Enter the Name and Email of the person receiving the healing (that’s probably you), and then complete your checkout with payment!

No Dates Available

What others are saying  . . .

“Thank you SO much for this wonderful group healing session! When I signed up I didn’t know exactly what I needed from it, but I now realize it is the burst of inspired energy I received this morning. I was recently ill and couldn’t get back into my routine or healing work, but that changed during the time I awoke today. Maybe now I can write that blog post I’ve been putting off! I truly appreciate all you do and everything you offer. Thank you.”

“I had a huge life changing experience occur that me feel an immense amount of anxiety and worries this past week. I’m noticing a HUGE difference in how relaxed I have been since the healing I received 2 days ago! I am not obsessing anymore about what occurred and feel comfort I can move forward. Thank you sarah!”

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