Learn to be a healer in 3 easy, affordable steps. For just $59.95, you can enroll in the best selling Healer Initiation eCourses and start using your healing abilities. 

The healer initiation e-course Bundle

Get all 3 best-selling e-courses and save 20%

Available with Transcripts!
all course material written and developed by Sarah Petruno Shamana

The Healer Initiation eCourse bundle allows you to combine our 3 best-selling eCourses for a savings of 20%. 

By purchasing the bundle, you have everything you need to start your training as a healer at your fingertips. 

Each eCourse walks to through one of the major aspects of opening, awakening, and attuning your healing gifts: 

  • Energy Attunement
  • Spiritual Attunement
  • And Meeting Your Guides

When you complete the course series, you'll have all the tools you need to start using your gifts - and charging for your services. 

Through the online coursework, you are guided through the process of becoming a healer for yourself and others. 

You will: 

  • Begin to work with, understand, and sense energy for future energy healing work
  • Open, expand, and increase your psychic senses to become more intuitive and connect with Divine information
  • Develop a connection with your healing guides and start working with your Spiritual Team in your development as a healer

Each course is short, info-packed, and filled with learning exercises for your optimal growth. All three courses contain a guided meditation for energetic, spiritual, and psychic attunement. (with .pdf transcripts)

The Healer Bundle Gives You Access to: 

A 5 day, online, eCourse to activate your energetic healing gifts, including written exercises and 1 guided energetic healer attunement meditation (with .pdf transcript). In just 5 days, you will receive activation as a healer and get step-by-step exercises to start working with and using your energetic gifts. This course starts you on your path as a healer. 

Healer Initiation eCourse - Level 1: Energy Attunement

A 5 day, online, intensive eCourse with written exercises and 1 spiritual opening guided meditation (with .pdf transcript) designed to help you activate and begin to work with your spiritual gifts within the spiritual world. You'll open your upper 3 intuitive chakras, gain understanding of the non-physical dimensions, and gain practice receiving information through your spiritual sense. 

Healer Initiation eCourse - Level 2: Spiritual Attunement 

A 5 day, online, intensive eCourse with written exercises and 1 guided meditation to meet your guides (with .pdf transcript) aimed at helping you understand, meet, and begin to work with your Spirit Guides. You'll meet two of your own guides, receive a healing from them, and start building your relationship. 

Healer Initiation eCourse - Level 3: Working with Your Guides

Together, these courses cost $74 when purchased individually. 

with the healer initiation ecourse bundle, you save 20% off the total price of all three courses - getting all 3 ecourses for just $59.95. 

start Your Journey as a Healer

With the Healer Initiation e-course bundle

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