The Healer Initiation Level 1 eCourse is a  5 day, online, intensive eCourse in energy attunement  for opening and awakening the energetic portion of your healing gifts. Learn more and sign up! 

healer initiation e-course
 level 1: energy attunement

A 5 day, online, intensive e-Course to activate your healing gifts

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written and developed by Sarah Petruno Shamana

You can become a healer. 

If you've considered developing your healing gifts, or experimenting with this path, or have even considered healing as a professional career choice, you may have found yourself wondering,

What are the first steps?

What do I do now?

How do I start?

It can be hard to know where to begin when there are so many doorways opening to you. 

The Healer Initation eCourse is designed to start you down the path of becoming a healer - easily, simply, and in just 5 short days. 

You can activate your energetic healing gifts and begin to practice the top 3 core exercises in beginning to navigate those gifts. 

The first installment of this eCourse series, Level 1: Energy Attunement, is a 5 day, intensive, online eCourse that opens your gifts and guides you on how to start actually using them.

In just 5 short days, you will:

  • Learn the truth about what it means to be a healer

  • Open yourself to receiving and channeling divine healing energy

  • Attune and activate your energetic healing ability

  • Get step by step tips for learning how to sense energy - from beginner to advanced

  • Practice working with and sensing energy in others and in yourself

  • And receive practice guidelines and tips for continued development of your energetic abilities

This eCourse starts immediately once you sign up, with exercises emailed to your inbox each day for 5 days. In addition to daily written, step-by-step exercises, you will receive one fully guided meditation (with .pdf transcript) designed to open and activate you to Divine Healing Energy. 

You will receive your activation as a healer.

This course helps you get there. You will attune, awaken, and activate yourself to receive and become a channel for source energy, and you will learn the once only-available-behind-closed-doors practices that start you on the path to working with energy. 

This course gives you the keys, you open the door. 

To start your initiation as a healer as soon as today, sign up below and await your first email. In just 5 days, you could be working with your gifts instead of having them idly stand by. 

Activate your gifts now.  

With the Healer Initiation Level 1 course - 

The Healer Initiation Level 1 eCourse is a  5 day, online, intensive eCourse in energy attunement  for opening and awakening the energetic portion of your healing gifts. Learn more and sign up! 

Healer Initiation e-course
 level 1: Energy attunement

{#1 Best Seller!}

a 5 day, online, intensive ecourse for activating your energetic healing gifts.

open and awaken your energetic healing gifts with this initiation as a healer. 

the healer initiation eCourse is a 5 day online course that includes daily written exercises and one guided meditation for energetic attunement (16:30 .mp3 file with .pdf transcript). it starts immediately once you sign up.

You’ll receive a Welcome Email immediately after sign up that will go over everything you need to succeed. After that, for 5 days, daily email exercises arrive to your inbox at 6:00am EST starting the morning after your enrollment.  

no experience necessary.

What Others Are Saying. . . 

I am astonished at what has been going on with me during this course. Learned so much, so quickly...And have had the signs it has awakened my healing gifts. I love it, cannot wait for next course...Do I really have to wait the two weeks recommended before I start it?
— N. D.

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