The Healer Initiation Level 2 eCourse is a  5 day, online, intensive eCourse in spiritual attunement for opening and awakening your spiritual centers and psychic abilities. Learn more and sign up! 

healer initiation e-course
 level 2: Spiritual attunement

A 5 day, online, e-Course to awaken your psychic & spiritual abilities

Available with Transcripts!
written and developed by Sarah Petruno Shamana

Take your healing gifts to the next level. 

With the first installment of this eCourse, Healer Initiation Level 1, you opened, expanded and activated your energetic healing gifts. 

Now, it's time to start tapping into the spiritual information available to you in the non-physical dimensions of the spiritual and energetic worlds. 

As a healer,  your job is to navigate unseen realities to bring forth information and healing for yourself and others.  You can access divine healing energy and information in these realms. This course opens you up to receive that second part - information - and starts teaching you how.  

In the Healer Initiation Level 2: Spiritual Attunement eCourse, you are guided through the process of opening your spiritual (psychic) senses and beginning to receive divine information through them.

From there, you are given effective practice exercises to hone, strengthen, and enhance those abilities. 

You will open and awaken your spiritual abilities. 

The Healer Initiation Level 2: Spiritual Attunement eCourse is a 5 day, intensive, online eCourse where you will awaken your spiritual, otherwise known as psychic, gifts and be guided on how to start actually using them. It's designed to follow your enrollment in  Healer Initiation Level 1: Energetic Attunement. 

Throughout the eCourse, you will: 

  • Gain understanding of the relationship between the physical, spiritual, and energetic realities
  • Learn about the spiritual (also known as psychic) senses and how they are used in the practice of a healer
  • Open up your spiritual senses to begin to receive information not otherwise accessible through your physical senses
  • Identify your strongest spiritual sense or gift
  • Learn exercises to hone and strengthen your spiritual muscles

You will be guided to discover and strengthen your strongest spiritual (psychic) abilities.

This eCourse starts immediately once you sign up, with exercises emailed to your inbox each day for 5 days. In addition to daily written, step-by-step exercises, you will receive one fully guided meditation (with .pdf transcript) designed to open, awaken, and attune your psychic senses. 

You will receive spiritual attunement as a healer.

This course helps you open and awaken your spiritual senses governed by the upper three energetic centers: the throat chakra for clairaudience, the third eye chakra for clairvoyance, and the crown chakra for claircognizance. You will open your chakras and your spiritual self to receive intuitive information located within the non-physical realms. 

Move your healing abilities beyond energy, and access the spiritual information needed to obtain deeper healing and understanding. 

Stretch your healing wings into the realm of the spiritual senses.  

To continue your initiation as a healer as soon as today, sign up below and await your first email. In just 5 days, you'll have opened your psychic centers and you'll be equipped with exercises to strengthen them further. 

AWaken and Open Your psychic Abilities Now  

With the Healer Initiation Level 2 ecourse - 

The Healer Initiation Level 2 eCourse is a  5 day, online, intensive eCourse in spiritual attunement for opening and awakening your spiritual centers and psychic abilities. Learn more and sign up! 

Healer Initiation e-course
 level 2: spiritual attunement

a 5 day, online, ecourse to awaken your psychic & spiritual abilities


open, attune, and awaken to your spiritual abilities

Access intuitive information

the healer initiation eCourse 2 is a 5 day online course that includes daily written exercises and one guided meditation for spiritual attunement (.mp3 file with .pdf transcript). it starts immediately once you sign up.

You’ll receive a Welcome Email immediately after sign up that will go over everything you need to succeed. After that, for 5 days, daily email exercises arrive to your inbox at 6:00am EST starting the morning after your enrollment.  

Healer initiation 2 is the next installment in the healer initiation course series. begin with healer initiation 1 for best results. 

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