Work with Sarah

healing, consulting, and coaching services currently available

Private One-on-One Work with Sarah

Private sessions with sarah occur via phone or skype. Distance is no issue, as the services are performed on a spiritual and energetic level. sarah has performed thousands of healings at a distance with clients experiencing deep, meaningful results and changes in to life. Sarah works with clients only on tuesdays.

Services Offered:

Coaching and Consulting Sessions

A 60 minute coaching session is focused on helping you grow and discover your gifts as a healer. Working together with your Spirit team, you can learn more about your gifts, learn new techniques, and obtain guidance on your next steps as a healer.

Single Session: $279

3 Month Coaching Intensive: $1899
A series of 6 sessions where we meet every 2 weeks for 3 months, for roughly 90 minutes at a time. Individualized, guided training via phone or skype, with between session homework and email support.

Soul Retrieval/Shamanic Healing Sessions

A 90-minute session where we will explore your present challenges and work to heal them using shamanic techniques including soul retrieval, energy extraction, spirit release, past life healing, ancestral work, chakra/aura clearing, and cord cutting. We’ll start your session with an initial consult then we’ll be guided by Spirit on the direction to follow.

Single Session: $419

3 Month Shamanic Healing Intensive: $1979
The 3 Month Shamanic Healing Intensive starts with one 90-minute session, and includes 5 additional follow-up integration sessions each 60 minutes in length. Includes between session email support.

Sarah is not currently taking appointments.