Healing a Past Life in Poverty

a Guided Journey Meditation

with Sarah Petruno

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I am weathly, prosperous, and money flows to me with ease. 

I am open and willing to receive abundance in all forms. 

My bank account balance is constantly increasing and money is on its way to me. 

Affirmations are great, effective, and work for tons of people. However, they aren't the only solution to a problem - especially when it comes to money. 

There's more going on than meets the eye when it comes to our complex relationship with money, and how we can get more of it. 

Sometimes just slapping a few affirmations on a problem isn't going to give you the real cure you need. 

You can go farther back than your current mindset and your current life experiences, to get to the bottom of your specific issue with money and why you're not receiving enough of it.

In my experiences as a shaman and in working with clients to heal this specific issue, the not-enough-money struggle, I've found that there's usually one main thing that needs to happen before things get better: 

They need to heal a past life lived...in poverty

There are parts of our soul selves stuck in these past lives, still living out these patterns of poverty and poverty minsets. These mindsets and their energy get stuck and engrained in our current soul self, through our connection with all aspects of ourselves. 

Thus, our past selves continue to impact our current situation

Especially when it comes to money; a core aspect of our survival now. A focal point.

We focus on it, and as we do, our focus activates deep seated fears, worries and patterns, that can arise from our past lives and interweave with the now. 

But you can heal it. IT can be healed. 

With a Guided Journey Meditation, you can be taken through the journey of a Past Life Regression where you'll visit the most pressing past life you've had. 

There, you will experience past life soul healing - with soul retrieval and karmic clearing. With your journey meditation, you are also provided detailed instructions for achieving the maximum results from your experience and tips for continued healing. 

Healing a past life lived in poverty is one of the most critical and essential steps to healing your relationship with money and moving forward, into a more abundant, wealth-filled life. 

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Total time:  27 minutes

For best results, we recommend that you be familiar with a grounding and energy clearing method that works for you and perform them before you take yourself on this journey. Need resources? If you're a subscriber of The Shaman Life, use the grounding meditation in your Starter Kit. Or, try this grounding visualization herethese energy clearing steps, or this energy clearing meditation. 

What Others Are Saying . . . 

I would just like to provide an update to this. I performed this exercise for the very first time, yesterday. My boss called me this evening to let me know that I received a raise that will take effect immediately! :D Even though I didn’t deal directly with wealth during my experience, this is exactly what manifested. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you, again!
This healing is amazing! I was a poor farmer past this life! And I died too soon to see the best things in life :D I think that’s why self-worth always comes up for me!

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