Healing Through the Chakras

a 10-week eCourse in healing your energy field and chakra system through guided techniques, lessons, and exercises

written and developed by Sarah Petruno Shamana

One of the most essential facets of any journey is the journey of self healing.

Looking inward, investigating, examining, opening and releasing is part of the process of blooming, becoming and blossoming into who you are really meant to be. Self reflection and contemplation are the fuels that feed the fire of soul growth, passions, abundance and full manifestation as to who we all are as individuals.

The foundation of healing in all systems is the most rooted, ancient and pure network in all beings.

The energetic system.

The energetic system, comprising of major gears such as your aura and your chakras, houses all of your emotions, thoughtforms, behavior patterns, events, hopes, dreams and all information about the past, present and future of who you are. It contains all that makes you, you, as a fully living Spirit within a physical body.

Together with my background and understanding of the sciences and psychology and my in-depth knowledge and first hand experience with the energetic system,  I created an eCourse designed to allow you to learn to heal your own chakra, auric, and energetic systems.

Healing Through the Chakras is a a 10 week eCourse for in depth chakra & aura healing - learn more and enroll!

Healing through the Chakras

a 10-week ecourse in healing your energy field and chakra system through guided techniques, lessons, and exercises

closed for enrollment

In this 10-week eCourse, you learn all of the tools of emotional, spiritual and energetic healing, working from root to crown, through the entire chakra system. You will learn how to ground yourself, clear your aura, and cut energetic cords.  Each week, you receive an email from me directly to your inbox with all the downloadable, written lessons for that week.

The chakra system is the nervous system of your energetic, emotional and spiritual body and houses with it all of the keys to unlock, understand and fully release yourself into healing.

Self paced and designed for you to complete in 10-weeks, in this course, you gain deep healing, understanding, and comprehension of the chakra system, including topics such as:

  • The physiological, physical, and psychological systems tied to each chakra

  • The most common causes of unwell and unrest in each chakra

  • How to identify specific issues when they arise within your own energetic system

  • How to heal each emotional, spiritual and energetic issue you face with pinpointed tools and techniques

  • How to ground yourself, clear your energy field, and cut cords 

In learning the foundational framework and all of the tools of healing, you immerse fully into deep partnership with yourself. You become an explorer, unlocking not only a full path to wellness, but a better and more complete understanding of yourself, your life and all of your relationships.

In this course, we uncover the deeper meanings of the chakra system and then pair each system with actual events, situations and applied meanings to your physical world life, manifesting in real time. Understand the energetic system using easy to understand metaphors and real world examples.

By creating links to directly applicable uses of the essential tools for self energy healing, you will develop a fuller and more complete understanding of the role, function and meaning of how each chakra operates within your world and all energetic influence on your life.

Moving from the ground up, we collect, restore and release all issues that are affecting you in this and all times past. Healing yourself, and in turn, loving yourself is the fiber that is woven into each and every step of our journey.

Why not do so, consciously?

I encourage to you join me in taking the leap forward, into full uncovering of your true, pure and most ideal state of self, with the Healing Through Chakras eCourse.

Healing Through the Chakras is a a 10 week eCourse for in depth chakra & aura healing - learn more and enroll!

Healing through the Chakras

a 10-week ecourse in healing your energy field and chakra system through guided techniques, lessons, and exercises an eCourse in self-healing

closed for enrollment

Healing Through the Chakras is a 10-week, in-depth chakra, aura, and energetic self-healing course. 

When you sign up, weekly emails arrive to your inbox containing your lessons for that week, each in downloadable PDF format. The lessons are in written, workbook format. You’ll get one email from me each week for 10 weeks, with each weekly lesson building on the previous week. You’ll receive a Welcome Email immediately after sign up that will go over everything you need to succeed.  Your Week 1 email arrives the morning after your enrollment in the course. . Throughout the course,  I provide you with suggestions on pacing, and you work through the lessons on your own time. Once you complete the course, each and every lesson you receive (23 in all) is yours to keep - forever.  Download them, print them, refer to them again and again. 

healing through the chakras is a written online course. it starts immediately once you sign up.

no experience necessary.

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what others are saying. . . 

I love your Ecourses! I’m in healing through the chakras and also purchased the root chakra (intensive). Your writing is clear, concise, and simple to follow. Most of all- it is effective! Can’t wait for your next one:)
— B. G.