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How I Monetized My Intuitive Blog & Website

pre-recorded video seminar immediately available upon purchase

with Sarah Petruno

Hi! I’m Sarah Petruno and I’m a business savvy shaman who has monetized my website and blog from making nothing at all to being the primary income source supporting a family via an online based business! Homeless to thriving in about one year.

In this video class, I share with you, in detail, all the ways that I monetized my blog and website.

When I first started, I monetized nothing and gave for the sake of giving. I wrote, and shared, and just crossed my fingers and hoped that the universe would send me money and clients in exchange for all the good I was doing.

Then, more than once, I was confronted with the choice of paying my website hosting fees vs. paying a utility bill/my rent.  Also more than once, I chose to keep my website up and running while my family went without heat and hot water.

Yep, this really happened.

Then, I snapped out of my unicorns and rainbows “the universe always provides” mentality, and put my nose to the grindstone – monetizing like a madwoman.

This video class reflects just about everything that I did and currently do to earn an income from my blog and website.

In this power-packed 45 minute video class, I share on: 

  • How I drove my traffic from a couple hundred page views a month to over 250k at the time of this writing

  • how I became the pinterest queen

  • the monetizing book I used as my bible (under $14 on amazon.coM)  

  • how I utilize ads on my site

  • the ad networks I started with, how ads work, and what ads I use now

  • how I increased my SEO

  • the core strategies and models I use to earn income

  • the software and websites I use to make it all happen (all free or low cost)

  • and more!

The techniques, tips, and methods discussed are all free or low cost to implement. At the time that I started, I had very little funds to go on, and these are the investments that I was able to make at the time – and I still use and swear by them!

Grab a notebook, a pen, and your beverage of choice and let’s get to work on monetizing!


Format: Pre-recorded Video Class with Slides – Available via .mp4 download and streaming through YouTube.
Length: 45 Minutes
How to Attend: Links to watch the class are sent to you immediately upon purchase.
Your Instructor: Sarah Petruno

When you sign up, you receive a link to access the class and links to ALL the resources discussed during class. 

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How I Monetized My Intuitive Blog & Website


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