Everything you need to know to create your first eCourse - including how to find a topic, what software to use, and how to set it up. Learn how to create an eCourse from start to finish. 

How to Create Your First e-Course e-Guide

Develop a Successful e-Course, from Start to Finish

by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

The How-To: Create Your First eCourse eGuide takes you through the entire process of creating an online course – from setting up a sales platform, to idea generation, to your very first sale.

This eGuide covers: 

  • How to create a platform

  • How to choose a topic that will be a hit among your audeince members

  • how to layout the virtual format and the pace of your eCourse

  • How to outline and create your material

  • how to Automate your course for “hands-off” smooth sailing

  • How to market your course

  • And finally, my best, industry-tested software platforms including: email software, shopping cart, payment processing, image sourcing, image editing, text editing software, and contract services

Everything I use to successfully execute my e-Courses, I’ve included for you in this manual.

No detail has been left out.

eCourses are one of the largest sources of income and they’ve been a game-changer for my business – and for any business owner with whom I share these secrets.

After I created my first course, I realized their truly unique earning power and as the participant, the customer, the power they have to truly revolutionize and empower the student in their learning.

Online classes are a win-win for both the creator and the participator.

You can reach and teach more people and you can make considerably more money.

When you produce an online class, it also helps spread your message to a greater audience – with an ecourse, there’s an inherently greater access to your teachings.

Even without direct access to you, your audience can be healed, taught and empowered by your messages, the wisdom of your guides and information you have to share. When you put yourself out there in the form of a stand alone course – your participants can be helped and even healed by you, from anywhere that they are.

eCourses are especially powerful for spiritual teachers, healers and leaders – because they allow the energetic vibration of their healing/their medicine to be carried within the wavelength of their words, their images and the movement in their practical activities you provide.

On a spiritual level, when you put your medicine (your message) into a physical format such as the organized consumption of words and ideas (in a course), it helps you reach your audience on a more tangible, actionable level – even without your direct presence.

Healers, think of the words and recipes you’d include in a course as an extended distance healing.

Mediums, think of the images and the information you’d share as a spiritual smack in the face.

You have a message that can help someone else. And it’s time to get it out there. 

All you have to do is put your knowledge together in an organized format, the eCourse, and you’re ready to go.

The How-to: Create Your First eCourse eGuide teaches you how.

Ready to begin? 

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Everything you need to know to create your first eCourse - including how to find a topic, what software to use, and how to set it up. Learn how to create an eCourse from start to finish. 


How to Create Your First e-Course e-Guide

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“I just purchased this course and it was awesome! Well worth the $10. Keep up the good work! I especially liked this (from the course), “As a healer, I know that many people who need healing, need to be healed before they can earn more and are thus more able to afford lower priced courses.””

“The book is awesome & perfect. Really answered the questions I had in my head + confirmed that I am right on track with my ideas. Win win. Thanks Sarah.”