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pre-recorded video seminar on spiritual attachments

with Sarah Petruno

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Attachment spirits are a class of earthbound spirits, commonly known as ghosts, who attach to one's energy field at a detriment to the person to which they attach.

They draw energy from a living person for their own sustenance and can even modify and control the behavior of someone living. 

Attachment spirits are estimated to affect 3/4 of the population at the present time.

And, it is very common for them to attach to the newly developing intuitive.

They damage an attachment spirit may cause can at times be significant, and removing them is a bit of a mystery. 

Let's demystify - and talk about how you can remove them from yourself and others. 

This is an essential spiritual skill. Nearly every person will encounter one attached to themselves or someone they know. 

Join me on this recorded video seminar where we'll discuss all things attachment spirits, including how to remove them from yourself and for other people. Yes - I'm going to be giving you *my* technique. 

In this two hour class, we'll cover: 

  • Who attachment spirits are
  • Why they attach
  • How they attach
  • Levels of attachment
  • Warning signs of attachment 
  • Potential damage one can do
  • How to tell someone has one - outwardly and psychically
  • Step by step method for removing an attachment spirit
  • Troubleshooting & what to do when one won't leave
  • How to avoid attachments 
  • And more! 


Format: Recorded video class from the August 3rd, 2016 Live Class
Length: 2 hours 11 minutes
How to Attend: Once you purchase the seminar, you will be immediately emailed a link to access the video recording
Your Instructor: Sarah Petruno, Shamanic Teacher

during the seminar, you'll learn in-depth information on spiritual attachments and come away with a 6-step method for removing them and healing the individual. 

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When you purchase this seminar, you receive access to a 2 hour and 11 minute recorded video class from the august 3, 2016 seminar. immediately after purchase, you will be provided your link to listen in + instructions and a class outline. 

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What Others Are Saying. . . 

I just wanted to thank you Sarah Petruno for your wonderful seminar on Spiritual Attachments today! It was extremely informative, well thought out, and so easy to follow! I know I can never say thank you enough for all that you do!..but THANK YOU!!!
Thank you so much for the Spirit Attachment call today. Thank you for sharing so much information. Every sentence was full of wisdom and affirmation of what I have experienced. Ah Ha moments through the whole call.
I took your spirit release seminar and it was wonderful.
Thank you so much! This class was so helpful for me!
Loved this class!

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