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Shamanic and Energetic Techniques, Tools, and Processes

While each healing session is entirely unique to the individual, below you will find a list of the different types of healing avenues offered that may be incorporated into your full-length session. In a shamanic coaching session, you will receive guidance on performing these services for yourself, and others, in alignment with your needs and guidance from Spirit. 

Auric Repair – Illumination/Extraction
Our energetic body, or our aura, can become weakened, burdened, fractured, or heavy either from our own internal processes or struggles, of through our interactions with those around us. In healing the aura, Sarah removes foreign energies, lifts burdens, and restores and amplifies your aura it’s full energetic capacity, allowing you to be freed from the weight and empowered by a renewed sense of energetic strength.

Cord Cutting
Energetic cords can attach themselves to our energetic and physical bodies through our interactions with others, often drawing on our energy and delivering to us thoughts, feelings, and energy that are not entirely our own.  Cords may have once served a helpful or comforting purpose, they can exist years after this purpose is served, and can even extend when one member of the cord attachment has passed on. Sarah facilitates the removal of cords that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good, freeing both individuals of this energetic bond.

Energy Retrieval
Our energy can leave our physical bodies during a conversation, an interaction, or even when we are thinking heavily of another individual. Throughout the course of our lives, we are sending our energy, inadvertently at times, out into the world, never to return. This can leave us feeling weak, drained, and exhausted, as our energy is everywhere else but within us.  In an energy retrieval, Sarah calls your energy back to your energetic and physical body, retrieving it from it’s present location and escorting it back to you.

Chakra Balancing and Centering
Chakras can become blocked, slow, or lethargic – triggered by individual events or situations, attachment of cords, a pattern of behavior or thought, or the abandonment of our spirit after a traumatic or painful event.  In the case that chakras are operating at less than full efficiency, it can cause physical ailments, emotional issues, or spiritual stagnation.  Sarah cleanses, balances, and centers each of the affected chakras and restores them to full functioning, both individually, and in coordination with each of the other chakras.

Connecting with Guides
In all healing sessions, Sarah connects with at least one Animal Guide who has come to assist in the healing session by providing information or performing tasks integral to the healing process (removing cords, for example).  Additionally, Sarah often connects with human, fairy, or plant guides, deceased loved ones, angels, or soul fragments of living individuals – all who are present to assist in the healing in some way. Sarah will provide for you as much information about the individuals present and how they have come to assist in your healing.

Healing Ceremony Design
In connecting with those in Spirit, Sarah can provide detailed instructions on how prepare for and carry out a healing ceremony that has been personalized for your specific healing needs, allowing you to fully integrate, accept, and progress on your healing journey.

Resolving Spiritual Attack
As individuals with physical, energetic, and spiritual bodies, we are able to operate within all three of these realms. Often times, if someone is feeling upset, angry, or frustrated with you (or other similar emotions), and they are not able, for whatever reason, to express and release those emotions freely or safely in the physical space, these feelings may still be directed at you at the level of spirit and energy. Sarah identifies the source of the issue and resolves it, giving you the tools you need to prevent it from happening again to the protect yourself from future attacks.

Space Clearing
At times, it is not enough to heal your energetic, physical, and spiritual body. The place in which you live or work may be so filled with foreign energies, that it creates a lower energetic environment that is no longer serving your highest and greatest good. Through energetic and spiritual healing, Sarah cleanses and heals the space.

Spiritual Attachment Release – Compassionate Depossession 
Earthbound spirits can attach to our energy field at times when our energetic body is vulnerable. Unprotected or damaged auras, non-optimally functioning chakras, and times of an otherwise low energy state can create openings where spirits can attach to us, further weakening our energy, burdening us with their own auras, and often attracting other earthbound spirits. Sarah connects with these spirits and assists them in crossing over into the Light, and heals your aura to prevent reattachment.  Learn more about Attachment Spirits here.

Soul Fragment Retrieval
In traumatic events, small pieces of our soul (or spirit self) can leave our energetic and spiritual being, these pieces are called soul fragments. They can be taken from us or they can leave on their own to make us feel safe and protected.  Sarah connects with these soul fragments to find them and escort them back to you, returning you to your whole self.  Sarah provides you with instruction on performing a welcoming ceremony to reintegrate these soul fragments into your whole being.

Spiritual Guidance
Through her connection with Spirit, in each session Sarah retrieves direct guidance for you from your Guides, Angels, or Loved Ones.

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