Money Forgiveness Meditation

meditation available in the From Broke to Baller Healing Program


Guided meditation to help heal the heart and energy of past money mistakes, through forgiveness and energy work. 


Forgive yourself for past Money Mistakes, Heal Your Heart and Energy

This guided meditation was co-created with Archangel Haniel and works to help you forgive yourself for past money challenges, mistakes, and happenings. You are guided through the process of releasing burdens from your heart and through a clearing of your energy from damaging old ways of thinking and blame. Space is made for new money and new patterns to enter.

While you listen, you are healed by Archangel Haniel and guided through his healing of money forgiveness.

Through this meditation, you can lift the blame and the sense of burden you feel as a result of money patterns and situations you have found and do find yourself in. Rather than feeling paralyzed, you are inspired into action and power is returned to you.

Meditation Available As A BONUS In The From Broke To Baller Healing Program. Explore That Program HERE.